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Ugh, it's been hard being back here after successful few years


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Hey people,
I thought I'd never be back here again but guess what..Here I am..

I started off at 93kgs in 2009 and managed to eventually get it down to 62kg but stabilized for a few years at 65-68kgs. After getting married in 2015 I slowly put it on again..Now at 79kgs.. #Sighface

I was successful with the VLCD Optislim and am thinking of going back on it..But the thought of doing it properly is really..daunting. As I'm sure you all know, eating a simple dinner is such a..social thing. Being married with my parents in law/parents visiting frequently means I have to eat a proper meal most days..
That's the difficulty I'm facing now and it is quite difficult. If I was living alone I'd manage it for sure..How do you guys/girls with family living in avoid eating during dinner time when everybody gathers around to eat?
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Hi Thinking, I agree with you, meals are a social thing and we can really alienate ourselves by not participating.
I haven't done a low cal or meal replacement diet but my sister has and I really felt for her when she did. We had a weekend family party and she would hide in the kitchen to have her shake and then find some excuse not to sit with us...about 18 of us all gathered around the table together. I completely understood why she did this but it did annoy me as she wasn't "participating" in the party
Will you be preparing the meals or are you visiting others?
I have never been a meat and two veg person and even as a child drove my mother mad as I wouldn't eat a "traditional" dinner. Meals became a chore and I swore I would never do that to my children. Luckily I enjoy cooking and meals I cook are never plated. That is we might have a chicken, some veg, some salad, cheeses, bread...and each are put on a dish in the middle of the table and you take as you wish. So I can take some grilled chicken and salad, my son has meat and two veg and my daughter has cheese and bread.....or whatever combination any of us want. From the one meal you can just have a simple starter or a four course meal. We have found this works for us as a family but especially when we have larger groups as there will always be something to suit your taste, I don't have to cook special meals and no one feels awkward saying they are vegetarian or don't eat vegetables.

Try this if possible, even lasagne, coleslaw, garlic bread and a green salad can all be placed on the table and you only need to help yourself to the salad.


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maybe something like slim fast could work for you? Its not really a VLCD but it might offer some of the flexibility you need.

Good luck with whatever you end up with.

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