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Ughhhhh :(

I have just had weigh in, and after putting on a pound last week, and having a perfect week this week i was hoping to lose at least that pound. I was feeling good and have made an extra effort to eat speed foods this week and still only lost half a pound :( Im 2.5 pounds away from my lowest weight and 7.5 pounds away from target but i just seem to be getting nowhere! I have been around this weight for a few months now and i cant seem to shift the last few pounds:( I feel like i need a kick up the bum but i dont know what to do :( I couldnt even face staying and talking to anyone so iv just walked home crying :(

Sorry for the moan, its just easier to write on here than explain it to dad :(
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Aah hun, dont be defeated! You have clearly done amazing - sometimes we get into a bit of a rut, and its frustrating, but you WILL get there! Please don't cry, you've come so far, only a little bit to go now - have you seen the thread 'my fishy week' ? Do a search for it and have a read, might help:) Drink lots of water and maybe do a bit of extra excercise? I know that the last little bit is the hardest to get off (I DO NOT know this from experience...yet;) ), it will do it in its own time, stick on plan, be positive, think how well youve already done and keep smiling!!! Good luck sweetie xxxxxx
Hey :)

The last few pounds to target ARE the most difficult to shift - so dont be disheartened. As my consultant often says in circumstances like this, a dripping tap still fills a bucket - and you must look great already - those last few pounds wont be distinguishable to anyone other than you - so dont beat yourself up, stay on plan and keep doing what you are doing and it will shift eventually. A fish week is a great idea and may well work for you. Sometimes what we need is something to shake up our metabolism - and this is a good way to do it.
Thank you for the replies ladies. I just searched the 'fishy week' and wow i cant believe iv never seen that before! I dont think il be able to do an entire week as i try and eat the same as mum and shes not keen on fish, but il certainly add more into my diet for lunch times :) As for exercise i already go to the gym 5 times a week so cant really do much more :( Thanks again for the help! Fingers crossed this gives me a boost :) xx
I know how you feel, i posted something similar today, i gained 1/2lb last week and 1lb today and stuck to plan both weeks plus exercised.
My leader gave me some SAS logs to fill in this week, and says that if i dont have a loss this week i should think about calling target early, i guess that we will have to just stick to it and keep plodding on, WE WILL GET TO TARGET!!!
Ahhh really...i find it so frustrating because my target isnt even massively different to where i am, it just means a lot to me!! I so desperately want to get there or il just feel like iv failed! I have told myself im going to get a tattoo when i reach target....but what if i never get there :(

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