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uh oh! I took a ducolax an hour and a half ago...

I've started to feel a rumble in the fundament!

It feels like there is a little man about 2 inches below my sternum and he'd trying to push outwards like the little creature off Alien

Mmmm I took it early because it said it takes 8-12 hours to work and I didnt want to stay at home tomorrow morning, waiting to go

at this rate, I may have to stay up to get to the loo in time:eek:

eeek! I heard this stuff was powerful and not to take 2 at once

very wise words!
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I call my little man apoo
hahahahahahahahahah I will call mine apoo number 2
hahahaha (ah I make myself laugh)

I have terrible irritable bowel sydrome... ever since I started cambridge I've gone every day like a donkey.. but I'm on day 11 so maybe it's too early for stoppages.. so much intestines lol


Gone fishing
Ducolax is a little too powerful if you are on Cambridge. Senokot is okay though.

Maybe a good idea, now you have 'cleared' the subject ;) to use something like Fibre 89, psyllium husks or fibresure so you don't have a problem

Better to prevent than to cure :)
Mmmmm tried that! I have been taking fibre 89 every day and have been alternating that with physillum husks... no go then I took a senocot max last night and I had a very small show this morning... so I am going for the big guns as I do not want to get an intestinal blockage! so dynamite it is
It really is turd-tastic on here tonight!!!

What with the other post about non-flushable poos and this one about dulcolax v sennokot...just keep chuckling away to myself!

I'm off to bed soon, hope I don't dream of your "dynamite jobbies" or your "going like a donkey" tales!


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