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Uh-oh - my first test in the kitchen with HIS food

Hubby has been working hard on the garage building project all day.....and he is now hungry. He has been a gem and has been eating at work, or getting his own, but he is shagged, so I am getting his tea for him. First time.

He wants a Pepperoni Pizza....gulp....my FAVOURITE!!

Wish me luck!! I'm going in!!! :D
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You'll be fine, I'm sure you will - you're made of sterner stuff ...... and that pizza is made of horrid yucky stuff that you really really wouldn't want in your pure tummy ;)
good luck, that is one of the smells i find hardest to resist. But i know you are strong enough not to give in to temptation
Me too! Last time he had it, I had to go up and have a bath!! lol

I definately won't give in, but i might pull a few hairs out!!!:D
Yep good idea - go pluck your eyebrows :D
Just imagine all of the fat that leaks out of the pepperoni, smeared over your legs (or wherever!). That is the fat that you have lost, and you don't want it back. Let a little bit congeal somewhere....Do you still want it?
I cook for my husband as well and as I was at WI last night and couldn't make him dinner I got home and he was eating a take-away pizza! Heartless I tell you!

AND he's really skinny which just takes the piss to no end!
Well, I did it and I just cut it up so fastr, surprised I didn;t take my finger off!! LOL

I passed it to him. Then there was a cat issue he needed to attend to and handed it to me to hold while he sorted that out - I looked at him with an expression that clearly said, "I don;t THINK so"...lol...so he carried it away with him!! :D

Done. But despite all the horrible things mentioned about it - it still looked nad smelled gorgeous!!!
The first time is the hardest but, believe it or not, after a while you don't even really think about the cooking thing and mostly even enjoy the process of putting something nutritious on the plates of your family!

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