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Uh, Spaghettio!

I've got a bit of a problem and I wondered if anyone else has had a similar problem and could help shed some light.

I started slimming world a couple of weeks ago, and over the last week, everytime I think about food, I feel sick.

Over the weekend I had a pizza and buffet food at a party, and eating those foods made me feel loads better and I haven't been feeling sick since. Except today.

Breakfast was okay, but after I starting to feel very sick so I've just eaten some grapes incase it's hunger, but I feel sick!

I took a pregancy test on Saturday night and it didn't work. So I did one on Sunday morning, which was negative. I wouldn't have thought I was pregnant because I'm on the depo shot. Although since having the shot for the first time, this month, I've had a very bad ache in my stomach as if I'm going to have a bad period (I don't have periods due to the contraception).

Has anybody else had this? I wonder if it could be stress? If anyone mentions food or brings up what I'm having for tea it sets me off just thinking about it. I can't work it out, and it's not very nice :confused:
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I wouldn't have thought I was pregnant because I'm on the depo shot. Although since having the shot for the first time, this month, I've had a very bad ache in my stomach as if I'm going to have a bad period (I don't have periods due to the contraception).

Could the depo shot be the problem???
It is highly unlikely to be anything at all to do with SW.

You could be brewing up some kind of sickness. I would say go to the doctors.
To be honest, I am completely the opposite- If I eat food which is bad for me I have a bad and fairly immediate reaction to it.

Logically, its unlikely that healthy food would make you ill.

One thought though - I feel sick if I haven't eaten enough - could this be it? If you're hungry then a bunch of grapes sometimes just doesn't cut it :)
My pill makes me feel sick, i was told it could take upto 6months for my body to get used to it, my break week with no pill i feel great, then the next day after taking it again im nauseous. hope it doesnt last much longer.
maybe its to do with your contraception? x
I've been keeping my fluids up and haven't been on SW since yesterday just to see if I felt better with more food in me and I still feel sick. So I've made an appointment to see the doctor on monday
Hope all goes well with your Dr :)

I had awful sickness throughout last summer, the heat really gets to me pretty badly. Even though I was drinking enough water, I kept throwing up meals. It was awful.

I hope you feel better soon x
Hello! Sorry to drag up a really old thread, but I wanted to tell you all my news and it's to do with this post!

I went to the doctors, time after time...saw 4 different doctors - had been referred to have an ultrasound on my gall bladder which revealed 'polyps' which was what the sickness was put down to, and I was just in the process of being referred to hospital for 'bladder' problems.

On 8/11/11 I felt a kick in my tummy (I'd been feeling flutters for two weeks before this). On 9/11/11 I did a pregnancy test which was positive, and on 10/11/11 I saw a doctor who told me I was about 5 and a half months pregnant!!! After my dating scan it's believed that I'm 25 weeks pregnant.

What a shock! I'm absolutely delighted - very unprepared as I still live with my parents - but me and my boyfriend are really looking forward to our little boys arrival. :) I'm just really shocked that 4 doctors I went to (one of which I actually said that I think I might be pregnant and she told me there was no way I could be because I was on the depo) didn't pick it up after me going back time after time (towards the end it was every week almost!) with pregnancy related problems! The worst thing is they put me on loads of medication and I've had CT scans/Xrays - but after a referral to fetal medicine they said that at the moment they think my baby is as healthy as any other baby from what they can see of the scan - although due to the radiation he's been exposed to there may be a risk of child hood cancers - but we can cross that bridge if we need to. I'm not too worried about it at the moment. Although the midwife does think I have pre-eclampsia.

But yeah. Just wanted to give an update!


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Wow Fredderfy! Congratulations! What a surprise for you all. A cousin of my husband actually had a baby without knowing she was pregnant. She had had persiods all the way through. She felt funny at work one day, pains got so bad she went to hospital, calling her husband on the way. He arrived to be told to go to the maternity ward. He stood and argued that there must be some mistake, before finally doing as he was told and being presented with his son! They had absolutely nothing prepared!
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My friends sister didn't know until she was in the bathroom with a 'bug' and baby Daniel skidded across the floor having actually fallen out! Bless his soul. X
Double, treble WOW !!!!!

That is just so fabulous !!!!

Thank you for letting us know.

At least you know that soon you are going to lose a few pounds lol.




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Congratulations. I didnt see this thread before as I would have said to do another pregnancy test. I felt sick six weeks before i got a positive on a pregnancy test with my last baby.
Is this your first?

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