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Ultra Slim / Slimfast


I have just joined and this is my first post!

I have been using ultra slim (tesco's meal replacement) for around 5 days. I have 2 shakes a day, chicken breast and veg for tea and around 3 litres of water a day. I feel like I am getting no where!
I haven't done any excerise (apart from walking) as I feel I don't have alot of energy. Its also time of the month for me (sorry a bit to much info!) But just wondering if thats contributing to my feeling of bloating or I switch to slim fast or will it not make any difference?

All advice and comments greatly appreciated!!!!!

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Hi Cam

I dont know anything about the tesco meal replacements but if they are anything like slimfast in terms of calories and you are only having 2 of them a day and chicken n veg for a meal is it possible that you are not getting enough calories? Have you checked your weight to see if it has reduced at all? Also if you are not getting enough carbs then you may be going in to ketosis which will make you feel unwell. Just a couple of thoughts. Good luck with your weight loss.

Lou x
Hi Cam,
I think ultra slim and slimfast are almost identical,a little more protein and less sugar in ultra slim which is a good thing,so i dont think it really makes any difference which one ur using...they are both good products i think...jen:D
Also with slimfast on the 321 plan its recommended you have 3 100 cal snacks a day. Maybe you need that bit of a boost calorie wise. You dont have to eat rubbish for your snacks either. Some fruit is under 100 cals also crispbreads etc. See the snacks sticky for more info and good luck :)
i cant add more than has already been said but good luck and make sure you use your calorie limits
I have to agree with the others.... make sure your getting enough calories.

Make full use of your 600cal meal.... meat, veg AND carb.... (unless your on a VLCD which slim fast isnt) carbs are not your enemy like people think!!! Just make sure your sensible with them ie. new potatoes and rice over chips or buttery mash!

Also you didnt mention if your having snacks? With this plan you should be having 2 or 3 100cal snacks. A banana, an apple, a nice selection of fruit and there are loads healthy cerial/snack bars that are 100cals or lower.

I know it sounds mad but ive tried skimping on calories to get bigger losses and it just doesnt work.... i loose better if ive stuck to plan and made (sensible) use of all my calories!

Well done on getting 3litres of water down you a day.... thats brilliant! wish i could drink that much!!! I have a tendency to be a bit naughty on that front!!!

As for exercise..... i wouldnt worry to much about that at first. Just get used to the diet first and then introduce exercise slowly. Dont get me wrong it is so important, but let your body adjust to having fewer calories first before bonbarding it with too much!!!!

Im also on tesco ultra slim and its no different from slimfast.
Good Luck, keep us updated.

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