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  1. yummymummyerika

    yummymummyerika New Member

    As anyone lost weight with tescos UltraSlim? Am starting today need to lose 5st by April
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  3. Miss Demeanour

    Miss Demeanour I.P. Freely


    Ultraslim is Tesco's version of a 'slimfast' type diet, where you replace 2 meals with their drinks, and then have a proper meal once a day. It is not designed to be a VLCD (it will not be nutritionally complete), and is not designed to be ketogenic.

    Also, (with much love and respect) I'm rather concerned about your need to lost 5st by April. That's nearly a 1/2 stone a week, every week (12 weeks), and even the most restrictive ketogenic VLCD won't promise that over the medium to longer term. Perhaps you ought to rethink your goals a bit.

    Good luck, and whichever diet you choose, follow the instructions. :)
  4. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

    Dont mean to be negative but that's not going to happen. Ultra slim isnt a vlcd so you're not going to get the big vlcd losses.

    Even on a vlcd 5 stones by april is totally unrealistic
  5. yummymummyerika

    yummymummyerika New Member

    Thanks for making me feel like crap guys
  6. Miss Demeanour

    Miss Demeanour I.P. Freely

    If you actually come back to read this:-

    Sorry, but it's best you get the truth now about what's attainable, than have you panic in several weeks time because you're not losing 'enough'. You should be pleased, chuffed to bits and utterly proud of losing say, 2-3 stone, than feel a failure by not losing 5. Don't blame us, blame science.

    I just want you to be pleased with what you do achieve, rather than feel gutted at not managing the impossible. Every step forward is an achievement.
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  7. Starlight

    Starlight Gold Member

    Noone is making you feel crap were just being honest. It would be ridiculous for us to say yes go for it you can manage that

    What would make me feel crap is failing to reach a target id set

    You could lose around 2 stone by April on Ultra slim :) That's doable and youll feel better for it :)
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  8. HEmam

    HEmam Full Member

    I don't think anyone meant to make you feel crap lovely. As mentioned above its basically Slim Fast type diet which as far as I remember is usually around 2lb loss a week (depending on your start weight etc). There are ways of doing VLCD cheaper than some of the plans look, you can get clearance packs online & you'd have bigger losses but 5 stone is a lot in that amount of time, however you could be a fair way there :) Is that your end goal weight? X
  9. luizarios

    luizarios Member

    Nobody means to make you feel bad, it's just that if your weight loss is unrealistic, when you weight in and realize you're not losing enough you might think you're not successful and give up, that's why it's so important to have realistic goals.

    In the other hand it's not possible to say if losing 5 stones in a few months is achievable or not without first knowing your weight. If you're 40 stones (560 pounds) for example, this weight loss would be achievable as long as you do vlcd and stick to the diet 100% as well as exercise everyday. However if you are, lets say, 12 stones (168 pounds) then it's not possible.

    Calculate your BMR (just google BMR calculator) plenty out there, and work out how many calories you burn in a day then take off your calories intake off your daily calories and what's left is how much you will lose in a day in calories. If you want share your weight in this forums I can do the maths for you.

    You need to lose 3500 calories to lose a 1 pounds (approximately, this is NOT exact science), then multiply it by the weeks you have left and you will see how much loss you can expect.

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