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Uncle Bens microwave rice


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This really doesn't make sense to me. When I went shopping I bought Uncle Bens micro rice pouches so I could have quick and easy dinner accompanyments. Thinking that brown rice is always the best option I bought 3 pouches of it. When checking I find it has 3 syns, which is more than almost all the other rices. I would have much rather had a flavoured one. Can anyone explain why brown rice would be more syns than something like chicken?
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Is that on Green or Red day? Sometimes convenience foods have things added to them to preserve them or make them cook quicker. This can alter the Syn value. There is nothing better than starting from raw ingredients though


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Thats on a green day. Usually I do cook from scratch, its just that I often finish work late one day and start early the next, and I am ravanous when I get in! Maybe the brown has more preservatives in it then. Thanks!


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Will do. I bought loads of books last week, but not that one. Thanks!


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I think they are dressed in oil so it doesnt stick.
Hope this helps
Ruthy xxx


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Brown rice sticks together a lot more and is denser - therefore, they probably use a bit more oil to keep the grains fluffy.
Have a look in the ingredients list x
Its also the same with the straight to wok noodles:mad:
I checked the pack last night and they are 3% oil apparently. I've sent my husband to get savoury chicken today (he's off work sick) so I can check the ingredients in that one tonight.

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