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Under 50 calorie recipies

Is this for snacky things?
I'm pleasantly surprised by how FAR 1200 stretches :D

Can't think of too much, but have you tried bulking out your meals with 'cauliflower rice' instead of high cal, carby stuff? Just blitz a head of cauliflower in the processor and stem through. Yummy with mince, bolognese etc.

What kind of stuff do you like, and we could maybe suggest lower calorie substitutes?

Do you exercise and eat back your exercise calories? Some days I struggle to eat enough, and pretty much HAVE to reach for the naughty stuff to get my cals. Darned shame :p
I'm pretty low carb I don't have bread, pasta and rarely eat potatoes. I do have museli for breakfast, usually have some quorn or fish with salad or veg for lunch and dinner. To have a glass of wine at the weekend and a yoghurt means I'm pretty tight on 1200. I start earning exercise cals next week!!

It is snacks and treats really as a lower but healthy alternative to yoghurt!
8g popcorn dry popped in micro. Few squirts of butter spray then sprinkle cinnamon. That's around 50 cals :)

Pink and whites are a nice 50cal treat

Ryvita crackerbread with 3/4 teaspoon of homemade fijolemole which is lower in cals than the bought one would be well under 50, haven't worked it out yet

I've got more so will b back with ideas!!
Sugar free jellies are a good suggestion. I'm not sure if you're a vegetarian with the 'no meat' request but the Hartley's sugar free readymade jelly pots are suitable for vegetarians (no gelatine in them) and are under 10 calories a pot.
I like those low calorie hot choc drinks if I really must have chocolate or else have the fattening treat but just a little amount. Those light Alpen bars (or the Aldi version) are 62 cals. Some strawberries and/or raspberries you could have a good few for 50 cals. Instead of chocolate digestives which pack a wallop on the calories, you could have an oatcake or ricecake (or maybe 2) with a bit of chocolate spread on it.

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