Under active thyroid and slow weight loss


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i was wondering is it true if you have under active tyroid u tend to lose weight slower even on this diet.

Can sum1 pls help me with this Q

This is a difficult one. Scientifically, I wouldn't have thought the difference would be enough to be concerned about considering the rather large deficit of calories in this diet.

Having said that, I have an underactive thyroid (okay...thyroid is actually alright, but I have a syndrome that attacks the natural thyroxine) and I probably lost a little less than most others.

It still averaged out about 12lbs a month though, which is way more than other diets.

If it's you with the underactive thyroid, are you taking anything for it? I They can't seem to get my levels up however much thyroxine I take, but most people take adequate amounts of artifically thyroxine to bring them back to normal levels. It then shouldn't make any difference, whatever their previous diagnosis
You should be fine then :) Well done for you first weeks weightloss BTW. Great going :)