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Under pressure??

I've made a conscious decision not to tell everyone about me starting LL (on Monday - weirdly I'm really excited - I seem to have been waiting forever to start!) as I know from past experience people like to make comments that just end up making me feel stupid – like I’m not capable of making a reasoned logical decision on my own. Last week I told a really good friend of mine about me starting LL imminently and of the 6 or so friends/family members I’ve told, he had by far the most negative reaction, the last thing I expected from him. It actually quite upset me and even made me re-think my reasons for starting LL in the first place (needless to say I still 100% want to do this and am more than sure that this is the right decision for me)
Yesterday (after not discussing it for a few days) we had another talk about it and he apologised for the negative reaction and said it was only because he was worried about me and because he doesn’t know anything about the diet. So I sent him a link to the LL website so he could read up on it and also explained to him about how although it’s probably difficult for someone like him (thin) to understand why anyone would want to do something so extreme, its also the only way I’m going to ever be happy. After reading all the stuff on the website (and the things I said to him I would hope) he’s now said he will support me 100% and if it makes me happy, then he will be happy too and how he can’t wait to go out at Christmas with a happier, healthier and significantly smaller me! For some reason this has made me so much more positive about starting LL but also I now feel under pressure. What happens if I put myself through this and it doesn’t work? What happens if I don’t lose the vast amounts of weight that every other LL person seems to have lost?? Am I going to get ‘I told you so’s’ from everyone?
Am I the only one who’s feeling under pressure for this diet to be the one that works?

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Mrs Lard

Silver Member
Dear Musical Missy

I want to reassure you that you are NOT the only one who feels under pressure for this diet to work.

When I started in February (4stone4lbs ago), I was petrified it wouldn't work - so petrified, in fact, that I couldn't even set some SMART goals (done very early on in Foundation). What if, I figured, I failed?

That was also the reason I told very few people when I started (husband and mother and then best friend).

Of course, ultimately, you only have to be answerable to yourself and chances are, you might put yourself under enormous pressure. I know I did.

The only advice I can give you is that IF you follow the programme, to the letter, you will succeed. If you come onto minis to share, you will get tremendous support. I also urge you to read some blogs, Ice Moose's was fantastic (as was gaijingirl's) about how the diet is done. They really helped me as I didn't know anyone who had done LighterLife.

So, lots of reassurance from me (and others I am sure); you WILL succeed and you will be amazed at the results, IF you stick the programme. The fact that you have joined minis is really good; you've got a great support network already in place.

Good luck and let us know how you get on.


Mrs Lxxxxx

Just Do It

Full Member
C: 13st3.0lb
Hello Musical Missy,
Everything Mrs Lard has said is true.
I also want to say that everyone has doubts about it working, some weeks are easy, some are hard, sometimes the weight loss may be a bit disappointing.
But if you stick with it it comes off, it is as simple as that. And in an astonishingly small space of time.

I didn't tell many people at the beginning, I was a bit embarrassed I suppose, but this last week I have had so many people asking me if I have been losing weight it has been fantastic!! Especially those I haven't seen from the start.

I hope we see you posting loads on here and I look forward to seeing your great results.

Best wishes



has started again!!
Morning MusicalMissy!

I too echo the sentiments expressed here. (Mrs L is always inspirational!! Heed her advice well!)

I had a huge wave of excitment once I had decided to start LL, in fact the wait between the intro meeting and my first group seemed interminable. My immediate family were the only ones who knew about my plans initially, as I was (then) convinced I would never do it, adnwould just be setting myself up for failure and ridicule again. Now I know that this was just my crooked thinking getting in the way, and you will learn this too, along the way. Once I began to "come clean", I think everyone was really supportive and still are! The strokes I now receive almost on a daily basis are massive and such a boost.

There are times when I am low and find it incredibly to hard to consider carrying on, but somehow, from somewhere within, all the things I am learning and all the support from both group and Minis, helps me through. I started this 22 weeks ago, and as of my last WI I have lost 6st 13lbs!! Where else would I have done that? I am now anticipating a summer holiday, with happiness not fear of being too fat for the airline seat, or sore thighs because of the heat, or embarassment in wearing shorts......The list is endless! Yes, I have 3 stone to lose, but it is so going to happen!!

It will for you too, its great, it really is!! Stick to the rules, use the tools you will be given (thought records!!!) and pop on here whenever you need to sing out your acheivements or ask for help!!

Thanks everyone!

Its lovely to know there's so much support out there and I really do appreciate it - its nice to know that there are others going through similar things to me - somethings family/friends often don't quite 'get' despite their best efforts.
Still excited about starting tomorrow (or Tuesday I suppose technically as my first group is tomorrow night) but getting butterflies now!

I told all & sundry (even people at the checkout!!) tha I am doing LL! The vast majority have been great & I really only had three negatives ones in 17 weeks & they come from ignorance. Some feel threatened by you loosing weight and that is their problem. This is about your journey. I think we all have doubts at the start. I was excited but dreading it but 128 days later I can say, hand on heart, I've not cheated once. I look SO much better, feel better & get loads of compliments. You can do this but will need to plan for the tough times & try & focus on WHY you want this, something that is invauable when you are having a bad day. When you are post on here and we'll al provide support! Big hugs!

Mrs Lard

Silver Member

Just forgot to add one thing - start upping your water intake..NOW! And going easy on the carbs. And if you are a big coffee/tea drinker, maybe start thinking about...going the decaff route or reducing.

I drank a lot of peppermint tea in the early days as was not a fan of black tea or black coffee. And I enjoyed it!

Good luck; I can remember those before LighterLife days!! A mixture of nerves and excitement!


Mrs L xxxx

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