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Underactive thyroid

I think there are I heard this one discussed before. They'll be along before long. You are never alone on minimins.

Dizzy x
Hi Skinny,

I've got an underactive thyroid. I had my first weigh in on Thursday and had lost 6lb. I don't think it will prevent me losing weight in the long run but my guess it that it could maybe cause a hinderance, and just take me a bit longer.

Chris. xx
Thanks Dizzy & Chrisb,

I just thought it may cause a problem later in the diet. Also wondered if anyone with thyroid problems have had to adjust there medication.
Hi Skinny.

There is a big meet up of minimins members this weekend in Portsmouth and I have a feeling that some of them may have been discussing this before. If you don't get many replies over the weekend. Be sure to bump it up again at the beginning of the week. In the meantime you could do a search for underactive thyroid and see if you can find any previous posts.

I can assure you though that you aren't alone and someone will be able to share there experiences with you soon.

Have a nice weekend!

Dizzy x
I've got an underactive thyroid too....i haven't had to change my dosage in the past, mind you i'm terrible for not having regular blood tests so i really don't know for sure whether you need to adjust your medication
I'm restarting CD on monday but have managed to lose over two stones in very little time, my first week i lost 10lb.

Good luck
Thanks again dizzy & Pickle,

I thought it was a little quiet on the posts.

Pickle - you have done brill losing 2stone, so it never caused you many problems then with your weight loss. I don't think i should need to worry. How long have you been off the diet for.
I've been trying to restart since the new year, having lost the weight in November but i keep slipping up at weekends and getting really depressed about it.

So i've took a week out to rethink what i really want. And i really want to lose the rest of this weight and not to become complacent. In the meantime i've been eating really heathily and going for long walks and still managed to lose 2 pounds so i'm quite pleased actually.

To my knowledge it hasn't caused me any problems with my thyroid but like i say i haven't been for regular blood tests so don't want to give you any false info.

Hugs X
Well Done you Pickle,

Sometimes it is really hard to get back into things if you brake from them :sigh: . I know cause i have done it many times. I feel if i come off this for what ever reason i will find it twice as hard to do it again, so i have to keep on the straight and narrow and not slip.

You have made a good decision coming back x :D
I just thought i would re post this to see if anyone else has the same problem and if it has affected their weight loss.

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