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Underactive thyroid :-(

Well, been to the doctor today for the results of all the tests Ive been having around my glandular fever/ jaundice/ fatigue etc. Turns out I have an underactive thyroid, probably brought on by my very low immune system. The Dr seems to think it'll rectify itself and is a temporary thing. However I can 'expect to gain significant weight'. Until I'm better.


It's the last thing I need. I've been poorly for 7 weeks now and have put on some weight but thought it was down to lack of activity as I've been sleeping about 18 hours a day. However, this time there actually IS a medical reason for my weight gain (a stone in 5 weeks). So annoyed. And so frustrated there's nothing I, or they can do to make it better.

Was so looking forward to the summer weather and wearing my new clothes. Now they're all getting too tight and I'm losing confidence by the day.

This is just what I dont need. I want to be well, and for all my hard work not to be thrown down the drain because my body doesn't work properly.

Sorry for wallowing :-( xxx
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Oh Rachel I am so sorry for you. I've just started LL so you prob won't know my name but have just read your thread and wanted to reply.

Is there nothing the doc can give you to rectify your thyroid problem? My mum had that a long time ago and I'm sure she went on some medication which stabilised it? What have they said to you about the length of time it will take etc to repair naturally?
They've said it will take a 'few' months. However long that is! They will keep checking me every month and after two months if there are no improvements they'll look at putting my on thyroxine.
Just really frustrated in the interim period. Especially if it means I'm going to put on weight :-(
Good luck with you LL journey Helen. Stick to the plan and you'll do brilliantly! xx

Blonde Logic

Yes. You can.
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Oh hon, that is terrible - I am so sorry for this news. :( :(

I wish I knew what to say - it's just a sh*t day all around by the look of it.

Just know it is temporary and unfortunatey, with hard work, you will restore yourself to your new slim self. Your health is really testing you, and I understand this. Believe me I do.

I don;t know what to say, other then I am sending you loads and loads of positive vibes, and a big sympathetic hug.


Thanks BL. I thin the positive vibes are the key to getting through this xx
Aww RR, I really feel for you hun, it seems to be one thing after another doesn't it? {{{{{hugs}}}}}

There is a light at the end of the tunnel; it might be dim right now, but it will get brighter each day, if you keep moving towards it :)
Hi Rachel

I have an underactive thyroid too.
I take thyroxine daily. I haven't been as well as I am now for about 15 years.
I hope your thyroid problem rectifies itself, but if it doesn't then the replacement thyroxine works really well.
The thyroid really regulates so many functions, if it doesn't work properly it can affect lots of things including metabolism and weight control.
But it could be much worse. I'm sure you will manage it. Good luck xxxx
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Hi there,

I am quite new to the board therefore you won`t know me so I hope you don`t mind me posting.

I also have an underactive thyroid and I am really confused as to why you`re not being medicated:confused:

If your thyroid isn`t producing the thyroxine, You need to take a synthetic form (thryoxine). AFAIK if you`re not making it yourself, Nothing will change that?

If I were you, I would go see another Dr and ask to start medication. It can cause so many problems if left.

Good Luck, Hope you get some help

LiSe Xxxx
theyve said they dont want me to have thyroxine yet as it's a temporary problem and will resolve itself. Sounds a bit odd to me. Think I may have to go for a second opinion as a few people have said I should be on thyroxine.


Do a little dance!
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Hi Rach, sorry I missed this earlier.

So sorry to hear that, I can't imagine how frustrating that was to hear..but you've done amazingly and know that this isn't YOU doing it this time, its your crazy body. You know you are a strong person who will be getting back to your itsy bitsy bikini... :D

Not really much to say..I hate that this isn't something that can be fixed with the wonder of words or positive thoughts..but keep going chuck...keep going.
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I hope I don`t offend you Rachel, But have you recently been pregnant? (sorry for personal Q, But I don`t know you).

I am not a Dr obviously! But afaik, Temp underactive thyroid is usually after you have had a baby. I don`t know of any other time - But as I said I am not a Dr.

Can you not persuade them to let you try the Thyroxine to see if it helps on the understand you will stop if it doesn`t?

Good Luck

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Sacred is right. After having a baby some people get thyroiditis and is can resolve itself. Gp's will usually do what yours has done and keep an eye on it. (i am not a Dr either)
Do you know what your level is?
Not pregnant and never have been! Tests last week show things are almost back to normal. My body was all over the place from end of Feb and just getting things back on track now. Dr said the problem would rectify itself and it seems to have done.
S: 10st5lb C: 10st5lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 24.9 Loss: 0st0lb(0%)
good news! Happy weight losing then!
That's great Rachel

It's always not knowing the reason for something that is so hard to deal with.
I'm still on the thyroxine even though my GP says my natural levels have improved greatly since losing my weight. I'm bordeline witihn the range to need it now whereas when i was seriously overweight I was in the middle.
I hope it works as well for you as it does for me.xxx:)

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