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Unexpected support from the Fates

As you may know, I live on a tiny island with no airport. About every 6 weeks the island's ship goes to Cape Town and brings back all the island needs - including food. The ship left Cape Town this morning, heading back here and it's just been announced on the radio that due to problems with SA Customs and documentation, the island's potato supply has been left on the dock and not loaded. Yep, apparently 2,000 bags of potatoes will not be coming here. And the ship's not bringing in any more food from the Cape until the first week of May. So the island's remaining potatoes will sell out tomorrow as people will panic-buy now it's been on the news (it's already being headlined as the Potato Famine!). Which means there will be no tatties here for 10 weeks and therefore I can't be tempted by them!!! Yeay!
Ever had the feeling that Fate is giving you a helping hand??? ;)

PS: last year the Easter Eggs didn't arrive - if that was to happen too I'd start to find it spooky!
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sukie sue

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hey ib where on earth are you ???? and why are you there ???? no tatties , no easter eggs ??? isnt that illegal :0)?


Happy to be slim at last
That's a blessing. Now could you arrange for Buckinghamshire to be bread free for the next few months. I am craving toast really bad today! Not going to have it though. :D
How ignorant am I? I never realised there was any place in the world which still had supplies shipped in! Tell you what, get some tatties and bury them, they will make more tatties that you can bury, then eventually you can go into business selling them :)
At least I wouldn't run out of roast lamb ;-)
Oh yes TT, you should try living in the Falklands.
Ooh, the Falklands is a soft option compared to here - they get an RAF flight twice a week, a flight to Chile weekly, an MOD ship once a month and cruise ships most days.
We get just our own ship every few weeks. 5 days on the ship to Cape Town, or 3 days to Ascension and then you catch a flight to Oxfordshire with the RAF (have to say - sure beats Heathrow!) Mind you, the weather here is miles better than in the Falklands, absolutely lovely, would far rather be here than there.

Found out today that the shops have now run out of cocoa so that removes hot chocolate and chocolate cake from my list of temptations. I adore chocolate so that's a great help to me. Fairly easy to stay away from actual chocolate at the moment as it melts in the shops and goes all white and icky - don't like that. Between this and losing almost 3lb since switching over to Atkins on monday after 2 weeks of losing nothing on LL I'm a happy bunny. Fate is definitely smiling on me this week!:D
Not climate wise IB, they are so desolate. Have you lived there?
No!! I know a lot of people who have and still do though as many islanders here go to work there as the wages are so much higher there. I think I'd be Ok with the weather, I've lived in Russia and the winters there are cruel. But hubby hates cold weather so can't see us ever living somewhere like the Falklands - he thinks Scotland is extreme!
I was there during the war and then a 3 month tour later, I hated it IB, and I wasn't to fond of the people either to be frank. Very dour and miserable.
The saints Helenian's were just starting to come at the end of my tour love. I met couple. Oh yes it is a hated posting. Still it must be a lot easier to get to now since they built the airstrip. Way better than getting there by Hercie bird from Ascension.
The "south atlantic airbridge" is outsourced to a private airline now, it uses commercial jumbos. Still no booze allowed on flight. You still go from Brize to Ascension where those of us going to St H disembark and hang around for days on Ascension waiting for the ship. Those going to Falklands wait in "the Cage" til the plane is cleaned up and refuelled to go on to Mount Pleasant.

Were you ever on Ascension - other than the cage at Wideawake that is? I don't think I'd want to be posted there. Nice weather and beaches but so little to do and it makes St H look like New York. It's fine for a few days while you wait for the ship but I'd find longer a struggle. We usually come here via Ascension rather than the Cape as it's such a low-hassle route, especially with a baby, Brize beats Heathrow hands-down. But most people hate the RAF flights. We like them though.
I was there with the Task Force for a while cross decking all the stores and stuff IB, I never got much of a chance to look around. In my day you flew to Ascencion in a VC10 and then by Hercules to the Falklands. This involved an in flight refuelling which was always fun. Becase of the difference in Air speeds between the Victor Tankers and the Hercy baby, the herc had to go into a screaming power dive and the Victor had it's brake lights hard on. Laugh, we laughed our socks off. :(
Why are you living out there in paradise? It sounds lovely! Well.. except for needing to get a boat for days on end to get back out of paradise again. lol. xx

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