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Hey there,

Thought I'd start a diary as it seems good for the old motivation. I said this on another post but as a repeat - lost weight before, have put some of it back on and attempting to nip it in the (fairly big) bud. Getting married next year :D and have picked a dress, but its a little unforgiving of extra pounds. Only have just over a stone to lose until I'm back to my original target weight, but I know from last time the last one can be a bit of a challenge (though not impossible so I don't want to make anyone feel disheartened).

Started yesterday and so far so good. Stuck within 1200 cals, did some exercise and drank my 2litres. Today is also going fine so far, but feeling a little on the tempted side as I'm sitting in, slightly bored and there is left overs in the fridge.

Nice to 'meet' you all and congrats on all the progress you've all made.xxx
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hello :) ooh im getting married next year too - whats your dress like?
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Ooo - congratulations. Its v-neck, lace and fitted (oh so fitted:cry:) with a bit of a mermaid/fishtail type skirt. I really loved it, but then watched an episode of Four Weddings the other day and someone criticised one that was quite similar so I've gone a little paranoid (must keep repeating: "its your wedding, have what you like"). Have you seen any you like?


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MrsA2b said:
Oooo - thats pretty


The Four Weddings criticism was about having too much cleavage on show at a wedding. If anyone is willing to give any honest (but gentle) thoughts on this matter thay're welcome...
I think the dress is absolutely stunning and don't agree that there would be too much cleavage on show at all. If that is the dress you have fallen in love with then you should wear it and not worry about anybody else :)

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i love it! and no not too much cleavage at all! lovely....
if you have got it flaunt it....if i cant find a hgh neck one (ive got no boobs you see) ill be getting cleavage out with my push up bra!!!
Hi and welcome to ccing. A wedding is always great incentive to shift those pounds, especially if you are the bride!! :)

The dress looks beautiful!!! I don't think it will show too much at all. At the end of the day, if you have fallen in love with it, then it's what you should have. Don't let anyone cloud your judgement. It is after all, your day, and you will have the lasting memories and photographs for the rest of your life. You have to feel comfortable and special. :)
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Thanks everyone - pleased that its got a thumbs up.

Slipped a little last night by having quite calorific feta, olive tart thing (ingredients bought before decided to diet - excuses excuses) but I stayed in calories. Had to do the whole evening without a snack though which was difficult. Oddly woke up this morning not remotely hungry though and had to force myself to eat breakfast?! Most unlike me. Had to resist the urge to jump on the scales this morning after only two days of dieting - I do amuse myself sometimes:giggle:.


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Lol im a serial weigher!
have you decided on your colour scheme yet?
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Not yet no - its one of the bits I'm having trouble with. We're going for a bit of an English Tea Party theme, so probably soft 'vintage type' colours. Minks, pinks and mochas? Thinking of doing that thing where you have mismatching bridemaid dresses as all mine have very different shapes and want them all to feel comfortable (having had the experience of being a very uncomfortable bridesmaid in the past!).


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Welcome to CC :) your wedding theme sounds lovely!! I love the bridesmaid idea too.

I actually want to get married again since I stumbled across a company that make these amazing wedding cakes ...... Out of CHEESE!!! lol.

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Your dress looks beautiful and I love the bridesmaid idea, much better to have them all wearing something they feel happy in. Would stop a lot of squabbling as well I would imagine :)
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Thanks folks.

My resolve is seriously wobbly tonight. Far more than it did over the initial two days. Probably because its a Friday and I am without a glass of vino (not that I'm dependent you understand ;)). Instead having intrusive food thoughts and not really enjoying my evening. It'll be better in a bit (when Dexter comes on), but for now I'm BORED AND HUNGRY :cry: Haven't broken though - being strong (wobbly, but strong).
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P.s. MMMmmmmm cheese wedding cake. Ours is going to be chocolate (my friend and I are making it to save pennies), but we're having a cheese table in the evening.

I wish it was my wedding today! Then I'd be drunk and full! (And married obviously but thats not really my priority just now!!:)).
Stay strong my love!!! Don't give in to pesky temptation.

I think your theme and bridesmaid ideas are brilliant. I am chief bridesmaid for my best friend in October, and I wish I had had more of a say as to what I wear. Don't get me wrong, the dress is beautiful, but I'm not sure I will feel 100% comfy in it with my substantial curves.
I am also making the cake, I am so nervous about it! :(

mmmmmmmcheese tablemmmmmmmmm


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im having cheese wedding cake, found a little cheese factory near the venue that makes them :) lovely. Going to have crackers and grapes, saves a bit of money on the evening food too!
I hope you havent given in! I cant know ive chosen my dress and seriously unforgiving!


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Ooohhh wedding chat, I want to join in! I'm such a bridezilla, stop me if I get annoying!

I love the dress, it's absolutely beautiful. Ignore any negative thoughts, it's all about what you like :eek:)

I'm having a cheese cake too :eek:) My friend went to a wedding a couple of weeks ago and said they had a pork pie cake too! Boyf looked really excited at the idea but I'm vegetarian and looking at pork pies makes me feel a bit nauseous (not because of the meat, but because of the jelly stuff, I remember eating it as a child and being really grossed out)


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C: 11st3lb G: 10st0lb BMI: 25.3
omg really a pork pie cake. omg id be in heaven lol.
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Hey folks.

Didn't give in on Fri or Sat. Had a bit of a naughty night last night though as went round my lovely friend 'Jubbly's'. She cooked. I bought wine. Really wasn't a good combo (though lots of fun). Still, weighed in today and had lost 3lbs so pretty happy today. Hope everyone else is also having a successful time of it.

Cheese wedding cake does sound delicious. Love cheese. I'm finding it all (wedding planning) a bit stressful truth be told. Maybe it'll get more fun once main details (i.e. date/venue) are sorted and its just the fun pretty bits left.


Week 1: -3lbs:D:D