unfortunately im back...


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i havent been online in ages and theres reasons....
i managed to lose over two stone a few months ago and i was so happy but i then met my wonderful boyfriend and let things go :/ especially over xmas time i have now ended up putting on all the weight i lost and a little more :[ i didnt want to come back as i was embarressed (and still am) and i know its my own fault i gave up but i wish i hadnt and im now going to try to get back into the diet. i am crawling back to you all with my tail between my legs so please be kind :[ xxxx
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You can do it! Welcome back and good luck xx


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Welcome back, Im the same as you, gained after I met a bloke, but am back on the wagon from the end of the monh. You have nothing to feel embarassed or ashamed about.


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welcome back you can do it x


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Same for me, I lost 5 stone on LL, then met my now hubby I was 9 and a half stone, in 2 years ( since we met) I have gained 5.5stone, he is 10.5 stone so i look really big next to him. But this is the year we will do it girls. FOR OURSELVES.


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hi, just wanna say welcome back and good luck!


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You've done it before, you can do it again. I know exactly what you mean with meeting a new chap, you get comfortable don't you! GOOD LUCK!!!!!

Bec x


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Welcome back and good luck!! You look stunning in your pic! :eek:)