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unkind comment from someone during weigh in


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hi all

only in my 3rd week at sw and have been getting along well - sticking to my plan well and increased exercise, now i don't have so much to loose about 1.5 - 2 stone however when i got weighed in this week on tuesday (i have been so upset it has taken me until today to post) i had gained 1/2 a pound which is fine i can work on that but i didn't need people in the group saying loud enough for me to hear "she shouldn't be here anyway its not for people like her, she's already slim."
actually, i am overweight for my height and need to shift my bmi into a healthier place, i have 2 children and want to set a good example to them and be fit and healthy and involved in their life so i joined sw to help me do this.
i am feeling really disappointed with that comment, despite being very aware that everybody has their own journey and that we will be at different stages etc i did not expect anyone to be mean, especially when these are people who surely understand how being over weight can make you feel.
should i say anything to the consultant and risk upsetting things further or keep quiet put it down to experience and carry on?

thanks for reading this, F4ye x
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I would say something to your Consultant. I'm another of the "shouldn't be here" brigade - when I joined I was just above normal BMI for my height, but I still put myself down to lose just over 2 stone, to get me down to 9st.

I hear every week, whether I've lost, gained or STS, "Oh well, you must be really close to your target now". I still have a stone and a half to go!

It's hard to see extra weight on some people, but people in your group should never say that you shouldn't be there.


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hi hunney

First of all sorry to hear that you this happen to you, its so not neccessary. Firstly people should n't be concerning themselves with other peoples weight issues. It does n't matter if we are 1 stone or 10 stone or even more overweight, if we are not happy with our size then its up to us to do something about it - slimming world has no rules about joining only if you have a few stone to lose and these ladies should keep their thoughts to themselves. Don't let it get you down, its hard enough as I understand to lose weight when you don't have much to lose as I know it comes off much slower so you keep going hun and when you get to target and they are still struggling you can flaunt your trim figure when you go as a target member xxx


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S: 11st0lb C: 9st11lb G: 9st8lb BMI: 22.1 Loss: 1st3lb(11.04%)
thanks ladies - i have decided to say nothing this time, maybe the ladies who made the comments were having a bad day - i will give them the benefit of the doubt - once!


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mmm I agree F4ye maybe this time let it slide - it's not nice hearing things like that - it doesn't matter how much you have too lose like Alia said. But I would certainly give them a look when next in class.



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In a way it's kind of a backhanded compliment really - they are saying you look good :) I don't think comments like this are meant particularly nastily a lot of the time.
I've had comments like this before and I never took it as a bad thing - I've been at target almost 2 years and I still go each week (I still struggle at target like those who are losing) and when new members join I get some odd looks and comments about "why are you here?"

We've had a lot of people join recently who have lost half a stone to get to their target and in my opinion, they didn't have half a stone to lose, I didn't comment but I thought it and I'm NOT a nasty person at all.
It's human nature to think such things, just some people come right out and say it.

Don't let it upset you too much hun and don't let it put you off - keep on going!
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I would say have a word with your Consultant and let her address it in group. SW is all about everyone supporting each other, no matter how much we have to lose. Don't let it put you off either. One stone or five to lose, we're all there for the same reasons. xxx:p


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Hey hun, that's so shocking to hear :( I know you've decided to give them the benefit of the doubt but it still may be worth bringing it up with your Consultant while it's a recent issue, you might feel silly going back to him/her a month later and saying 'she said this'... *hugs* Good luck with your further losses, sounds like you've been having a tough time? Share a food diary on here if you have a few mins every day, I'll read through it :) xxx

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