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unlimited fruit !

i haven't been told you can only have 5 portions of fruit and veg a day. i was always under the impression veg was free so i could have as much as i wanted.... not sure i could eat a whole punnet of grapes though :) .... i think it depends on the fruit as to whether you can get away with loads of it or only stick to a portion. .... personally i would eat them all if you wanted to and if you haven't lost weight at WI and you have stuck to the diet you'll know not to do it next time :D ... i find trial and error is the best way on some things :)
Honestly I think it depends on what it is and everyone should have the common sense not to take the p!ss with this sort of thing... Fruit in particular... I dont believe anyone should have more than 5 portions a day simply because of the natural sugar that's in fruit. Veg can be a different story... most are very low cal. Munching on a lot of celery ain't gonna affect you in a bad way I think. But bananas for instance... have fat and sugar in them and having those a lot definitely will affect your weight loss.
Think we just need to know for ourselves when we're eating too much fruit. Stick to the 5-a-day rule for fruit/veg and you're probably gonna be grand! :D
yep i don't tend to have more then 1 tin of fruit a day and/or 1 banana.... but i do like a lot of veg :) ..... i never weigh my veg unless its one i have to pp...and lets face it, if you have already had your 5 portions of fruit/veg it will still be better to have another one then the chocolate bar or bag of crisps you might otherwise be eating ;) ..... but i agree with above you do need to use some common sense too! :D
So true hon, so true. I think fruit in particular should be limited... go nuts with your free veg though LOL ;) x
Love my salads too have salad with almost everything. They do say with fruit and veg u actually burn all the calories in them digesting them because of the glucose etc and natural sugars maybe thats why they are free points .
Hmmm, I dont believe that to be honest. A calorie is a calorie regardless. Its like saying a 200cal spud is actually only 150 cals cuz you burn 50 digesting it (that was an example, I have no idea how many cals you burn digesting food lol). On discovery, we used to have to point fruit so this is a totally new thing that its free (I aint complaining heehee!!).
The only thing i will add to the old fruit debate is to up your water intake,fruit is zero points but dont go too mad i usually have 5-8 portions per day but this does include veg,salad etc :)
I generally stick to 3 portions of fruit and 2 / 3 portions of veg. I could quite easily eat a couple of bananas and a huge bowl of strawberries and ditto grapes in one sitting - but I would feel guilty after, no matter how 'free' they are meant to be! As per previous comments, common sense should once again prevail. Everything in moderation <3

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