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Unofficial but....

i weighed myself yesterday, and today and both days say i have now got my 2 st award!!! Il have to wait til thursday for my official weigh in, hope it stays the same (or if i lose more that would be great!!)
Iv lost 6lbs this week...dont know how i have managed that, iv been really good this week though, first time in about a month iv stuck to the plan, so maybe its kick started it again lol
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Wow that is fantastic! I weigh at home too and and my scales are telling me this morning that I have lost 2lb so I am hoping it will stay like that for WI tomorrow! Good luck for your WI on Thursday, just be good til then and it shold stay as it is
Wow 6lbs in a week, that has given me motivation to stick at it. I've been good all week and hoping for a 3lb loss.
thanks everyone, im a bit worried as i got VERY drunk sunday night, im still recovering! I dont know if that will show on the scales before thursday morning, last time i got a little drunk it didnt even show up on the scales, so i dont know! I wish i never got drunk, terrible hang over! xxxxx


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when I started on SW I actually lost weight when I drank vodka! I don't drink loads but I think it's cus it suppresses my appetite a little and if you have had a 3 day hangover then I can imagine you haven't really felt like eating much bad stuff. I wouldn't test it again but you might have got away with it this time!
yea i havnt eaten much the last few days, last proper meal was sunday afternoon...i dont recommend it lol i have been eating little and often though, so thats supposed to help lol oh dear glutton for punishment hehe
yea lol its annoying isnt it, have to have a good night tonight and good day tomorrow, i think iv used up all my syns on alcohol oops lol!!!
hehe it gets a bit addictive dont it, i end up weighing every time i go upstairs some days...i try and limit it to just the morning though!
Have a nice day xxxx

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