Unreal 83


Gonna be a 10!
Please could you update your blog ... I love reading it and theres nowt new on it to read now lol!

I need something to take my mind of wanting to eat!!!

Thanks!!! Another good read!
Love the pics - you look stunning .... well done (and yes your sister is a loon bless her lol!)
Looks like a fab night! :)
Thank you burt!!! thats so nice, i will keep it updated, but as im not so rigorously doing Cambridge now its prob just like a diary, you can still read it if you like though.

Thanks - my first fan haha!


P.s - Does anyone else read it? Its so flattering to know.

Bless you Lauren lol!
Well you've done a fab job weight wise and your blogs fun to read!
I think its cos we're so close in age - easy to relate to!

Your first fan lol!!!

Just had a look at your blog - good luck for tonight, wow - 8 stone 7 you will be tiny!! I reckon thats defnately a size 10 - im 5'5, i would be really thin if i was that weight?

Good luck, let us know how much u lose; also you aren't allowed bars until your 3rd week.........annoying i know!!

What are you craving exactly? Wonder if it is the same as my cravings, i was obsessed with food in the first 2 weeks - absolutely obsessed.

Yeah hoping to get to 8st 7 then I don't mind going up to 9 after the diet if you get what I mean .... I was 9st when I met hubby so would be nice to be like that again and put spark back into relationship lol!
I'm only 5ft 2 / 5ft 3 so I won't look too skinny but we'll see .. so long as I'm a 10!!!
As for cravings well - how long you got? lol!
Ummmm ...
Chicken Caesar Salads!

Thats about it so far and I'm only on day 7!!! Lol!
Took a sneaky peek on scales this morning and it said I'd lost 6lb so we'll see what it ACTUALLY is tonight!
CDC's scales read me a lot heavier lol! :(

Oh no ... no bars this week? ARSE! Well its not my fault if I cheat this week then! lol! I need to chew .. and I don't mean on rank soup crisps and play-dough muffins lol!

Hahaha... I know EXACTLY how you feel, its so hard isn't it; the cravings took over my whole life in the first 2 weeks - i thought about nothing else, constantly dreaming about salty food and tasty treats - didnt really crave sweet stuff?

I craved currys mainly - i really couldnt wait until my birthday curry!

The cravings do go away - dont cheat, BELIEVE me - it is so not worth it, sooooo soooo not worth it, you lose control and you feel down, and the taste and the satisfaction of actually eating the craving doesnt last long and u are back to square one, craving again. You dont have to believe me but it is true - you can only see for yourself but i would love to save you from that feeling!

Just keep drinking the water, and you will be so motivated tonight when u have lost your first bit of weight.

Im hoping to be 10 5 or 6 on Thursday - I think I am 10 8 at the moment!!

How do u make ur crisps? I must get some baking paper.

Well I prefer the veg soup crisps to the chilli ones.
I just mix soup with cold water until a sort of salam cream thickness then cut s piece of baking parchment up and dollop little blobs of the mixture on it - about the size of a 5p.
I have to admit I had a chicken drumstick over the weekend (skin off of course) .. tased yum and didn't feel the need for any more, but I was hoping it would taste yuck!
Was just fab to chew on something ... having said that I won't cheat again ..... looking forward to week 5 add a meal week!
I might beg my CDC for bars lol!
I was 10st 5 when I got married .... can't believe how quick I managed to pile on over a stones worth of weight ....
Well done you! ... you look fab - pictures on your blog prove that .. loving the brunette Lauren too!!! :)
Well, yes I do prefer it too, honestly I dont know what was going on with my hair in the before picture there. I do know that my straighteners had broke (complete crisis - i didnt sleep for a week - not because i was in shock - because i didnt want to mess up my hair ha, ha, ha!) So yeah i was having a baaaad day.

You should put your piccies on ur blog - make sure u take one now, so u can see urself changing.

No more chicken!!! Hmm hicken.........salad.........yummy...... i quite fancy some kind of a stew or something right now, oh stop its not fair!!!!!!!!

A big good luck for tonight - try and go another week without the bars, it will do you good to get a proper head start.

Yep - have taken piccies on digital camera - just gotta find the lead and get them uploaded on to PC! lol!
They really are hideous pics too!
Problem with me is I absolutely refuse to buy bigger sizes cos it makes me unhappy lol!
I have brought a few cheapy things in bigger sizes but on the whole I try to squeeze into my "large" 12's so the pictures really highlight the bulges over my trousers and through my top! lol!
Oh well ... won't be long now!