Unrealistic goals?


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I always seem to set myself up for a fall by setting the bar too high.

I am doing the 810 plan not SS, but I have still set my mind at aiming to lose 4lbs a week. Why do I do this? 4lbs is a lot of weight and now if I lose only 3lbs I'll be secretly gutted (even though the rational part of my brain knows 3lbs is a good loss)

Why do I do this to myself? Does anyone else do this?
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yes - all the time - thats why I weigh myself everyday (i know it doesn't work for everyone). If I don't I think i will have lost more and then I am really disappointed. It keeps me in check. When I started my CDC thought I might lose 7 lbs a week for the fist 4-5 weeks but I really didn't belive her - I am so glad I didn't or I would have been really disappointed again. Although I have written down my progress based on 3lbs a week - but am really glum if thats all I lose!


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I find that because cd is so good....it makes me really greedy.

I thought I was going to lose 3lbs this week, but because I didn't have a huge week 1 loss I was really disappointed.

Madness. 11lbs in 2weeks would be an amazing result on any diet, but because I'm on cd, I want more, I expect miracles!


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Hi Minirog and Setas --

Three pounds a week is very good... before I started LL (in 2008) I calculated that it would take me about a year to lose the weight on WW. I had tried and failed -- because a year seemed like forever.

Then I learned about LL and thought -- 12 weeks -- this I can do. If I can get back to where I should be, then I can stay there. Well, I did get back to goal -- I did not stay there forever (I did for a bit, but I am up by about 1/2 of what I lost).

I did the LL programme -- and I, feel, I do not need to do the whole group thing again. However, having someone weigh me and be "on hand" if I need them makes CD a good choice.

But, I have learned from the past VLCD experience: I cannot expect to lose as much as some one who has a lot more to lose, or someone younger -- I HAVE to exercise as my metabolism is still slowed from the previous VLCD (and my age)... (so, I am hoping for 2 pounds a week).

And this time when I get to goal, I will need to move into WW or some other support type group to really work on my food choices and portion control... or I'll be back doing a third VLCD.