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Unusarl Question,


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Is anyone 5Ft 3inches??
Its been a while since I was a size 14 and wondering what weight you would be?

I am aiming to be a size 14 for a wedding in 4 weeks (currently 12.13) and was wondering what weight I would be looking at to achieve this.

I am 12.13 and a comfortable 16, :-(

Odd question I know, but wondering if anyone my height can shed some light.

many thanks
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Im 5ft 4inches and 12 stone 5. I am currently wearing a size 16 although they are feeling quite loose now. I think if you lose another 7-10 pounds then you should fit into 14s easily. It all does depend on the person tho. There are some people on minis that weigh less than us but cant fit into a size 16.
In 4 weeks you should defo be in a size 14, especially if you are losing inches.

Good Luck

Leanne xx
Hi apia,

Sorry I couldnt help but notice in your other thread you mention you only had 3packs a day and not your 4. Now i see here you are 5foot3, i thought it was only if you were 5'8 or over you have 4packs? sorry hope im not coming accross like a stalker!!


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my cdc told me to have 4 packs a day if i needed .... better than a pack of crisps. can have it if i want and if i dont need it i wont have it . im 5 ft 5... currently 11 stone 9 in a size 16.


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Hi Becky,

I am on SS+ I originally thought I was on SS but not the case :) someone else posted teh same thing a while back and all is okay as it takes me over the threshold for doctors advice :)

I bet I would lose loads of weight on 3 packs


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Hi Becky
You are not a stalker :) I don't mind at all with the questions, my one above is daft but sometimes nice to see if someone else is your height you can gage the weight and clothes size etc.

having said that, what you can be in the shops is another matter, I have 16, 18's and 20's in my wardrobe at the moment.
well i was shopping this weekend and i ranged anything from a 18 - 24 clothes wise. its unreal the difference between shops a size 20 in dunnes fits me fit (top half) size 22 just about fits me from evans..


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When will shops get the sizing right?
So fustrating! How are you getting on with facebook?


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I'm 5ft3, and was a size 14 at around 11st4lbs - 11st8lbs ish.
got an enormous bag of size 14 clothes under the bed waiting to be worn again!
you haven't got long to go by the looks of it - you'll be size 14 in no time!:D
I'm 5'3 and weigh 11stone 1lb but still in a 16 can squeeze into a 14 but it's not a pretty sight and I can hardly breathe lol. I guess it depends where you carry most of your weight mine tends to be around tummy, bum and thighs,
I am 5'4 and I am currently a size 14 I started fitting into them very comfortably around 11 and a half stone.

Everyone is different and it depends on body shape as much as pounds off.

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