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up to 1000 calories

Hi all,

It's my 7th day on the CD. I started on the SS and felt fine but by day 5 i had nearly fainted and was extreamely exhausted!

My councillor has now put me on 1000 calories a day so i can have a shake for breakfast, soup for lunch and a meal in the evening. Feeling better today thank god.

Oh and by the way first weight in tonight wish me luck. I sneakily weighed myself on Sunday and i had lost 7lb's yay :) Hope there's a 1 or 2 more gone tonight :)

Hope your all doing well and good luck xxx
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Well done you, lets hope you get a couple more later!! 1000 cals is still a tiny amount and so you should get a good weight loss. May be once your bodies accustomed to it you can try stepping down?? Love Claire


Still fighting
Just wanted to say good luck for Wi - you have to do what suits are body and obviously yours was telling you it didn't agree with SS - but 1000 calories is next to nothing so hopefully you will have good losses still :p

Go you for sticking with Cd though x
Hey guys, thanks for all your lovely comments :) Got weighed last night and i've lost 5lb's yay :) was a little annoyes that my body had held on to the 2lb's i'd lost from Sunday but hey ho that must be cos i'd eaten on Monday as i was feeling so faint. My councillor said i'd still have a steady weight loss of about 3-4 pounds a week so that's ok, but a few more would't go a miss lol. I'm gonna try and do 1 day of ss then another of a shake and a soup then a meal in the evening just so i don't feel ill. Good luck to you all oh and by the way how do i change my weight on the ticker? xxxx


Still fighting
Hey well done you - looks like decision paid off :)

Re the 2lb nothing to say you wouldn't of hung onto that any way regardless of changing from SS as are body messes around with around 3lb's each day mainly just water retention.
5lb's is a great loss used to take me about 8 weeks to lose that on WW'ers :eek:

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