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Update, Help and advice needed


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Remember me, I havent been on for ages been busy and stuff.

Well, my story was that I lost 4st4lb in just over 3 months, have been kinda off it since Jan, at the moment I gain a few pounds then lose a few so am sort of maintaining.

However, I have discoverd, suprise suprise that I am still a pig :doh: , I have binges and could quite easily put the weight back on, there is no doubt the diet works, but it has'nt taught me self control, I am a comfort eater always have been and I think always will be. Being on the diet, food is taken out of the equation, I found that fine.

When I went to Florida at Xmas for 2 weeks I was very good, put on about 4lbs,lost 8lb the week i got back, but since then its has been very hard getting back on it completely.

I dont know what will happen with my weight, I'm trying my hardest not to gain it back, and hope I dont, I see my counsellor every month or so to be weighed which helps.

I believe the diet is a good, it gets weight off quickly, but I havent changed, I was very focused before xmas, never strayed from the diet, so whats the difference now:eek:

I think what worries me is that since end of January when I have began eating more I had a two week period of feeling extremely ill, stomach pains and nausea, had a week off work, it did eventually pass but I think its put me off doing sole source again.

Any advice would be appreciated.
Thanks guys
Sarah:wave_cry: (pig4life)
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You need to be in the right frame of mind to do these diets, if you are not feeling great or feeling low, you will probably not stick to it.
Think about where you want to be, give yourself a time limit and set yourself small easy obtainable goals. This way you are not putting too much pressure on yourself and should hopefully reach each milestone.

Hope you get yourself sorted soon....!
Hiya Sarah, this is a toughie, whilst we take food out of the equation, it doesnt teach us how to eat properly, even though i am at goal then I struggle, I get as much help as I can from here and weight loss resources to keep me on track.

With regards to your stomach pains, can I ask did you follow the stages, if not then this may be a root cause of the pains, a sort of food overload for want of a better phrase, after not eating "proper" food for so long. The other thing would be the fact that it is totally unrelated and just a bug you picked up, there has been a really nasty bug going around here, so much so that one of the schools near here had the environmental people in to see if there was a bacterial problem, but no, it was just a virus.

Sonias advice is fab, acheivable goals all the way x


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but it has'nt taught me self control,
I think the plans after SS do help with that, but then it's still a work in progress.

As for finding it harder this time, many (in fact most) people have this problem getting their head around it again, but it is possible and there are lots around that have struggled and then finally managed to hop on.

Diva wrote an excellent message about the 2nd time around. Give it a read :)

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