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Update on me :( and a question

Well I am still breastfeeding(just) but having trouble keeping it going due to all the hospital visits I have had for my gallstones and antibiotics for my MRSA which is proving difficult to get rid of.I have been told to lose weight for the gallstones but am finding it impossible.In fact I just weighed myself and I am bigger than I have ever been in my life.
Does anyone know whether CD is safe if someone has gallstones?
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Poor you :( I was hospitalised for a week at Easter for gallstones and have never felt such pain (I'm a nurse and tried to convince myself it was trapped wind for 8 hours before finally giving in and calling a friend to take me to hospital; even then it wasn't until they did all my obs and put me on morphine that I accepted it was more and stopped feeling guilty for going to A&E lol).

Gallstones are OK for the plan but it has to be done under medical supervision/agreement. Getting the weight off is important for gallstones (as obesity is a risk factor) so you your GP should be supportive. At this stage any surgery would have increased risk due to weight too so your surgeon would also advocate weight loss.

Go for it! :)



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i would be inclinded to talk to your dr to see if it is safe to do the cambridge diet while suffereing from Galstones... i dont know much. but know a few people who had to stop it because they have had them.. and then once all is better and they have been removed, then they can continue... but as i said i dont know much about it... just by what i have been reading
Thank you both :) I would have to get a docs signature anyway as my BMI is a horrible 51.3 :( :( :( I've been thinking about this all night-the doc said I need a low fat diet-well CD is as low fat as you can get LOL.Of course my Mum thinks I'm stupid and all I need to do is "eat a bit less"...yeah if that worked I'd be skinny by now.I won't be able to start for 2 weeks as the antibiotics definitely need food(they're very strong and shakes wouldn't be enough I don't think)and in any case as my finances won't allow it.I'm totally sick of being so fat-in my pic on here I was a size 14 top and size 18 bottom-now I'm back to a size 20/22 top and god only knows what size bottom-size 26 trousers are too tight-all I wear is disgusting black leggings,and my maternity jeans.
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Oh hun let's hope that you can get your surgery done fast and then you can really knuckle down and go for it.
Have you thought about doing one of the higher plans? One that has food, then work your way down the steps? Just a thought
The food plans don't work for me.If they did I'd be doing weightwatchers.If I eat anything at all I don't stick to the diet.SS is the only thing that has ever worked for me and if I hadn't got pregnant I would have carried on (I'd lost 7 stone and had 5 to go).
Well I spoke to my doc and he said he saw no problem with me doing CD and would be happy to sign the paperwork for me :) He said I could start as soon as I finish the antibiotics.A supportive doctor :eek:
Brilliant! There are a few of them out there. Mine sent me back a little note with my form saying "hope to be seeing less of you in the future!".


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aawww thats really nice that you have a supportive dr...

good luck!
I had gallstones, mine was removed by keyhole surgery June 2009....
its really horrible and is much better when they take it out..
just wanted to say good luck for CD when you get started . I had gallstones too and the pain really is horrendous .. never thought I would say anything was worse than chi;d birth .. but I certainly did when I had an attack of gallstones :/
I have been on CD for a few months and my Dr and consultant thought it was a great diet to be doing to control gallstones and said that the risk of an attack is very small when on a VLCD . I had my gallbladder out last wednesday , and have had to come off CD for 2 weeks before and 4 weeks after the op and then I hope to jump back on the CD wagon and get to goal :)

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