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hi guys, just to let you know ive not deserted you all i just havnt had the time to post much! so, over the last 2 weeks ive lost 2lbs, which im very happy with considering ive been to visit my parents, had my birthday and mr darling and i have had our anniversary, so there have been afew too many treats! im really pleased ive stuck with it though, before i would have had one treat and then thought "well ive ruined it now i might as well eat everything in sight"! but instead ive thought that each day is a new beginning - and its worked!

mr darling has now promised to stick to healthy eating and exercise with me too so that should make things easier. still not sure where to put my target weight as, im just gonna keep with it and see how i feel.

good to see everyone is doing well, good luck and keep with it! xx
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thanks bren and abz, im really pleased with my progress and now i feel really motivated to carry on! ive decided to set my target weight as the absolute lowest i would like to go (still healthy bmi) but i dont really intend to go all the way down to it, it will still be a case of how i feel and how well clothes fit etc. hoping to be happy with my weight by xmas, then it will just be a case of building my fitness levels up even more. im having such a busy day today im finding it easy to stay on plan because ive not had time to pick at naughty things! will do some exercise later on this evening when mr darling gets home from work. feeling really good today :) xxx
well im having an absolutely rubbish start to the day :(. really hope it doesnt affect my diet. i dont really feel like eating so ive just had a cup of tea with skimmed milk and sweeteners so far. will try and have something for lunch. really gonna need some motivation to do any exercise today lol! may look at clothes on-line to give me some inspiration! hope everyone else has a good day! xx


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You're doing so well, don't let one off day get you down - we all get them don't worry. Chin up!!


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Agreed! I started CCing only a day ago and today is day 2 and i did feel bloated and overeaten yesterday but not so much now tonight. So I too haven't been to the gym in 3 days but I know my food is going okay. Tomorrow I will try some in the morning and hopefully again in the evening.

It's a case of when you do do some exercise you feel better. Chin up and get moving to feel happier. You will get their!
thanks guys, ive had some weetabix and raisins now, so feeling a little better. im determined to do this once and for all so im not going to let my bad day ruin my efforts. thanks again for ur replies! x


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Your welcome!

I like you are feeling bloated (TOM) and not a good feeling to holding me back on day 3. So I'm going to work my way through it and hope for a loss on next Monday morning.

yesterday went well, even managed to eat at starbucks for lunch and stay within cals for the day! ended up having soup for dinner - a new covent garden one - it was lush, and there was loads of it!! didnt have any bread with it which i was proud of, because Mr Darling had bought a fresh wholemeal roll which looked sooo yummy but i managed to resist! did a really good work out last night too - can really feel it today.

plan for today is to have soup for lunch and then abit of a naughty dinner - curry. but im using turkey breast and light choices sauce so its not too bad, comes in at 609 cals per serving, with basmati rice, and thats with some potato in the sauce too (i normally dont eat the meat just the potato!) so will still be within my calorie limit :) gonna do some cardio today too :)

managing to stay on track quite well, still having the odd craving for junk food but im hoping the longer im on the diet the less that will happen. although im staying under cals i do feel as though my diet should be abit healthier and i know i need to eat more fruit and veg and drink more water. so will be trying to get on that from now on. im hoping over time il have less and less processed food and will fine tune my diet so its as nutritious as possible for the calories.

sorry about the rambling post!! hope everyone else is doing well! xx


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Glad you are getting back on track darling - and well done on your 2lb loss. Hope you had a lovely birthday and anniversary too :).

And I never even though about putting potato on a curry sauce before. Sound yummy though!

Just noticed your mini goals - my first week back at uni starts Monday and I'm keeping my fingers crossed I manage to stick to the diet!! Good luck to you too!
thanks lady A! potato is sooo nice in curry, so is cauliflower, mushrooms, chickpeas etc. i think veg curry can be so much nicer sometimes. good luck for you're first week back at uni! i know how hard it can be to stick to a plan when ur mates are eating out at lunch, and all the nights out during freshers - but it will be worth it in the end! x
well ive managed to lose a pound this week! so happy! my diet really hasnt been very good since friday (had a subway for lunch and pizza for dinner! then some left over pizza on saturday! then chips for dinner last night!) so im happy to have had a loss. on the up side i managed to exercise 3 times last week. going to keep that up because i feel so much better when i do.

hoping for a 2lb loss this week, so am going to try really hard to eat extra healthy! no more take outs or junk food for me! *off to make some porridge*

keep up the good work guys! x

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