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Upset stomach after soft boiled eggs

I've noticed the last couple of times after having soft boiled eggs that I get an upset stomach. I don't feel ill, but suffer from diarrhea, within about an hour.

Does anyone else have this problem?? I'm fine with hard boiled or scrambled, it just seems to happen with a runny yolk.

I know we had that big Salmonella scare a few years ago, but I only by lion marked eggs, which I think are all now vaccinated.

I hope I'm not becoming intolerant to them as love soft boiled and poached.

Can you be intolerant just to undercooked eggs??

Any insight or comments very welcome.

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Hi Carole

I think undercooked eggs can upset a lot of people and, salmonella risks aside, that's why undercooked eggs are not recommended for the elderly or very young.

Just go hardboiled, love! :D

P x
I'm always the same.. so bullet Eggs it is :((


Silver Member
I love eggs cooked anyway and I wish soft boiled would get me moving lol i'd probably lose a stone if I had a good you know what :eek:
Saska said:
:8855: glad someone else likes eggs as much as we do :D
I hate them, hes had at least 4 a day. I think in total ive had 4.5 and they've been made into omelette and quiche.

If i was to eat them as they were id much rather they were soft boiled (with proper bread soldiers :D )
I hate shop bought eggs. My folks keep hens so I get eggs from them. I usually have one a day and it has to be soft, soft, soft. Never had an upset tum from them though. Nothing like your own hen's eggs (or your parents, haha) Orange yoke, tasty versus Yellow yoke and not much taste.
I agree xxx


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There sure is a big difference between shop and what I call fresh eggs. An old local man sells fresh eggs....we love them and more often than not they have double yolks. They taste delicious and I used to love a soft boiled egg with lurpak dunked on the top and then toast soldiers dipped in....ahh I won't say good old days as thinking about it with the lurpak was a bit rich tasting..Saskax
Thanks for your replies girls.

I''m gutted, as the soft, velvety, creamy soft yolk is my idea of luxury on this diet!!

Oh well, I suppose I can keep them for days when my digestive system needs a good nudge! That'll sort it out!
:8855: glad someone else likes eggs as much as we do :D
Same here, there were 15eggs in the fridge yesterday, as we speak there is 3!!! :D

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