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upset tummy

On my 11th day of lipotrim and am following the plan to the letter. Having at least 6 pints of water, two shakes a day and one soup and a cup of pure green tea. Woke up with a very sore tummy this morning and it's continued throughout the day and I generally feel bad and cold etc. Been to the loo twice and it feels like I've eaten something dodgy which has upset my stomach but haven't eaten a thing. Has anyone else experienced this? Can't see how I've got a stomach upset when I'm not eating anything!:sigh:
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Weird I had the exact same thing on my 10th day - kind of like the beginnings of food poisining - mild rumbling cramps and diareahh(sorry) but it only lasted 2 days!

Dunno if anyone else has had the same?
Thanks girls, thought something was really wrong with me. Feeling very light headed too, everytime I stand up I have to sit right back down again with the dizziness! Glad to hear it passes but it's still really worrying isnt it x


Back again - hey ho!
It is for a bit yes, especially when you start to consider eating something that will throw your hard work out of the window!! :) xxx Just take it easy xxx
Yeah, was supposed to do stuff today but I've cancelled as I feel so crappy. Hope it clears up by friday though as I have to work all wknd - eeek!
sorry you're feeling poorly - hope you feel better really soon!
another thing to keep in mind is the high vitamin content in the shakes - maybe your body is just readjusting! the vitamins are a good thing but from what i have read it's a good idea to sandwich your shakes with water - so glass of water, shake, glass of water.....that'll dilute the minerals and make it easier for your body to cope with!
take care,

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