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urges to eat when not even hungry

Hiya the last 2 days I have just not been able to stop eating ! After my weigh in the second day I blew away all my weeklys and the today have gone over by 2 points but I'm not even hungry and even once I've just eaten I thinking and looking for something to eat what is up with me ? Anyone else experience this ??? X
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I'm doing this right now lol! Had dinner and an apple a little while ago but all I'm thinking is what's in my cupboard lol annoying! But I think I'm just ginna go bed and forget about it z

Total loss so far- 37lbs
Emotional hunger. Ask yourself whether you are lonely or upset about something. That's what the book I read talks about. Two different types and this is one of them. Eating to try and fill a hole that you won't fill with food. Go and distract yourself x
I agree, go and do something. The feeling will pass.

I'm very strict with myself and allow absolutely no shacks. That's the only way it works: firm boundaries.

x Lulu x

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I do this all the time. The last 4 weeks for me have been a nightmare some days having up to 80 points!!!!! Just pure bordem with me i think. I'd have a big tea so that i wouldnt snack then my boyfriend would tempt me with a take away then i'd eat crisps and biscuits. Todays weigh in and some how i have managed not to put on weight just stayed the same. Think thats because i do a lot of fitness classes. Any tips for beating this... send them my way!! x
I used to feel like this
I used to plan my meals an snacks so I knew what and when I was eating, also you could make a 0pp soup to have alongside your meals to fill you up. Try having fruit for snacks and have quite a few throughout the day, or have a square of dairy milk with strawberries or banana.
Have you tried scan bran? Some people like it and others don't lol. It is brilliant or making you fuller for longer. I make scan bran scotch eggs which I love. You need to drink water when you have them.
I agree, go and do something. The feeling will pass.

I'm very strict with myself and allow absolutely no shacks. That's the only way it works: firm boundaries.
That should of course say no sNacks!!!
I have this problem too and in fact have a big issue with food and binge eating. I wouldn't even hazard a guess at the amount of PP I could eat in one sitting. Mine is related to my depression. It could be the same for some of you - perhaps you eat when you feel down? Another one is eating when you're bored (I do this too lol). I'm trying lots of things to curb this at the moment (obviously I sometimes have lapses but I'm generally good at controlling it).

Surround yourself with yummy fresh fruit to snack on.
Keep a bottle of water handy (or some water with sugar free dilute in it to make a tastier drink).
Try some exercise, jogging, walking etc.
Plan your days or your weeks food in advance. If you stick to it 100% reward yourself with something (NOT food though).
Try to choose activities that require you to be unable to use your hands to eat like playing video games, drawing, painting, playing an instrument etc.
If you get the urge when you're bored, do something else nice for yourself. Moisture your skin or paint you nails or pluck your eyebrows... other things that'll take time.

There's lots of things you can try... the first I'd do is plan your day in advance. So plan tonight what you'll eat tomorrow. Maybe even give yourself a nice snack you can look forward to after dinner or mid-afternoon so that you can look forward to your counted treat (rather than a fully fledged binge).

Hope this helps x

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