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hey lisa. welcome to ketosis. dont worry should only last a day or two, eat plenty of protein and drink plenty of water and you will wake up ine the next day or two feeling fantastic!


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Hi As Vicky said it lasts a couple of days, but then you'll feel so energised and be burning fat, so it'll be well worth it. Keep going you can do it!
Well im glad if it's a sign I'm in ketosis!! (sort off) lol. I wonder what makes you feel this way, I suppose just all the meat and lack of carbs! Also got the metallic taste so yay least I'm doing it right, really do feel ruff though! Bring on my weigh in on Saturday, seems so farrrr! Thanks


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i think its just your body trying to figure where to get energy from. Its amazing how much better I feel when my body is burning fat not carbs/sugar/glucose
Thanks everyone!! It's amazing how better you feel just from knowing that your doing something about your weight and imagine your body burning the fat away!! Rather than scoffing everyday and just thinking 'I'm fat' ' I need to go on a diet soon'. Hopefully I will get to a place where I don't feel down about my weight every hour of the day!! I'll let you all know how much I've lost on Saturday : D good luck to all of you!!
Hope you feel better soon Lisa.
I remember that feeling, luckily it didn't last long!

You'll be bouncing along soon :D

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Yes, it's the body switching from burning carbs for energy to fat burning instead :)
Glad you are feeling better Lisa :) xx
ah, you a sutton girl then Lisa?
Just seen your post!! My boyfriends family live in great barr. Up there loads and always go shopping and clubbing in Sutton. I like it alot!! I'm from Margate lol
ah, I see, long way to travel Lisa, but yes, Sutton is great :)

How's things?

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