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USA foods

I'm a little confused as Ramen noodles are a japenese dish with broth and noodles.

Are ramen noodles a brand name in america?
most of the ramen noodles do come with a little sachet of stock. I would imagine they are free without adding the stock. I am not sure with the stock sachet thingy.

Do you live in the US?

All the pasta roni's, rice roni's and pasta/rice/fiesta sides are free if you make them up with water instead of the butter and milk.
Yes im in the usa! That is great thank u... Im currently tryin to figure out the brand foods. What I can and cant eat ect...

Ramen noodles jus have a sachet with a dry flavored mix to add to the noodles once u boil them
I have not heard about them being free, for some reason I have in my head that ramen noodles are syns, but not sure why. lol

Sorry not much use to you.

The best thing to do is contact slimming world with nutritional information and they should be able to answer for you.
Miso paste is 1/2 syn for a teaspoon, so if you made that up to a soup, added some egg noodles (free) and maybe some asian veggies, you could have yourself a lovely big bowl of noodles for 1/2 syn.
Jenny- iv never heard of Miso paste but jus researched it n it sounds goid! Def sumthin Im goin to try.. Thank you! Im lovin this app already
I've not used it before, but when I was working in London I absolutely loved that I could get Miso soup with noodles for my lunch every day!

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