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Useless consultant?


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Today I went to weigh in & had lost 1lb which isnt too bad as i've not really stuck to plan plus im badly constipated so suspect it may be a bit more than that lol

I told my consultant that im really not feeling motivated anymore and that I needed some help getting back on the wagon, i told her im struggling because i'm near target and keep thinking 'oh what the hell'... she just said that it might be because i need to relax more & enjoy my food and that was it :confused: she didnt give my anymore advice, didnt ask to look at my diary or anything. I left wondering what the point in paying £4.50 is to be honest!

I dont stay to class as i find it REALLY boring and dont find it helps me at all so i rarely stay, I used to just go for weigh in as it helped me stay on track but if i havent even got proper support from the consultant then I really dont see the point!

I'm not sure what to do, i'm 6lb off target and wondering should i just buy myself a good set of scales and go it alone... feel really deflated today and like she's just taking my money off me for the sake of it!

Sorry for rant lol x
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You did the right thing coming to us! We can help you!

Why don't you post your food diary on here for people to look at and we can try and get you on track to lose those last 6lb?

I'm sure a lot of target members on here will have some good advice too about how to shift the last few lb.

Naughty consultant for not supporting you!! :whoopass:


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You could always try going to another group if there is another group near you? Or talk to her, and say you didn't find that useful...??
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Sounds like an all round generic thing to say to be honest. It all depends how you feel about going it alone, it's scary but in the end we all have to break from the group eventually. Give her one more chance and if you still don't feel 100% supported then go it alone.


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Yeh i'll give it a few more week & see how I go but if im still finding it unhelpful then i'll just get a good set of scales and stop going!

I know where im going wrong (picking at things i shouldnt - hubbys/daughters) so I can sort that out fairly easily but the problem is i have no motivation to get me back into it.

I've decided im gunna have a treat tonight (not go ott just have something nice) then tomorrow i'm back into it with a vegance! I'm gunna drop my syns back down from 15 to 10 as I increased them after my holiday. So i'm gunna need some support & some serious ass kicking this week to keep me on track haha x
I think everyone goes through a stage of feeling like you are. I think the main key is to try and keep your meals as varied as possible so you don't become bored. Google recipes and paste them all into a meal planner and put together weekly meal plans of what you will have for breakfast, lunch and dinner. It doesnt matter whether you stick to it exactly or not, but it will stop those days of standing in the kitchen thinking hmmmmm what shall I have to eat today, as you can go in there knowing what you are going to prepare. I find this really helps.

I have started a blog, where I am posting recipes as I cook them and also my daily meal planners (link is in my signature) . I work out my weekly plans before me grocery shopping, so I then only need to buy the bits I need. The other good thing about this is it saves you heaps of money buying things just for the sake of it. Perhaps even start a blog yourself. It will make create recipes etc more interesting for you.

I am sure other's have their meal plans that they can share. Might give you some ideas and the little bit of motivation you need.

Have you got any other meetings you can go to where it might be a different consultant? or is it the same one in your entire area? I would still recommend going to the meetings, I think it is really hard going it alone. I have no choice but to do it alone, as they dont have slimming world meetings here in canada, I wish they did.

Keep it up, you can do it. You have done it. :D
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Do not get demoralised (sp?) about it and in a way stuff your consultant, you have done it yourself this far, I know you have been going to class but the class hasn't been feeding you or your consultant, its been your choices that have made the changes in your life and nobody elses, hence the doing it yourself so far bit. Yes the class gave you the tools and the support, but you have the tools and knowledge now and take away the support at class and what have you got left, the tools and the knowledge and us! Why are you getting upset over 6lbs in the grand scheme of things? Do you feel good at the weight you are now or do you really need to see the numbers you have set yourself showing on the scales. If you do, then you have got to hang in there and stick with it. It can takes weeks to start shifting weight again after a platou, but you will get there in the end. A bit of patience and keeping the goal in mind (and posting on here of course) will get you through it hun, not some consultant who couldn't give a damn whether you succeed or not. It's your choice what you do but really think hard about it before you make any decission, its all to easy to think we can do it alone but its not always the wise choice. You have done soooo brilliantly, don't rock the boat over a few pounds, its not worth it. Good luck and thinking of you. xx


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BritMum I do have a wide variety of meals and thats not the problem really its the chocolate, cakes, sweets and yummy foods that i'm finding hard to resist at the mo hehe i do try to cook new things each week & try lots of new foods so theres is variety but i think I need to plan like i used to (I got lazy lol) and hopefully that will spur me to stay on track! I'm gunna have a look at your blog in a mo :) thanks x

charlottegrace i'm not really upset about the 6lb as i know it will come off reasonably easily if i stick to plan, i'm alot happier with my weight and feel alot better but i still want to loose some more, the main thing is my mummy tummy so i need excercise for that lol. I want to get to target (10st) then work on maintaining and decide if I want to loose a bit more or not. I am upset that i'm paying £4.50 a week (that i havent really got!) for support that i'm not getting. I really feel like im getting nothing from group or my consultant so i begrudge paying the money kinda thing. Thanks for your support :) x


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but in the end we all have to break from the group eventually.
Sorry chick, I don't agree here. I've been at target for a year now and still go every single week. If I didn't then I would put 3 stone of weight back on and probably more. Our group has a good few target members and we still go regularly. We help the other members as much as the consultant does, we are "been there, done that" members but are still on our weight loss journey.

mumstums - if you feel you can do it yourself then go for it!! We can help and support on here like Stacey says but tbh I need the fear of the scales!! I do think maybe you should give your consultant a call and see if she can help you any more, tell her you need a kick up the bum to help you shift those last few pounds and ask her how she can help you.

Good luck, that 6lb will be off before you know it!


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Thanks Jaylou, I'm thinking of trying a new group with a different consultant next week and see if i feel any better about it as i've not really found the consultant very good from the start really. Worth a shot before I stop going as I used to rely on weigh in to scare me into being good but thats kinda gone out of the window recently! x
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Hmm.. i know how you feel hunny. My sister in law joined a group, but found image therapy just wasnt for her, but after looseing 10 pounds, she had her house damp proofed and her kitchen was un-usable. She went to her consultant for help and didnt get it, and since.. gave up and thus gained all the lost weight and more back. I sometimes think if they'r not the best consultant u can have, then its possible because u dont stay each week she isnt as helpful as she may be to those who do stay. . but your right, your basically paying her just under a fiver to weigh in! might aswell invest in ur own scales if you honestly think you can do it on your own. . BUT dont dispare and don't give up.. you are doing amazingly well. I know how you feel about your motivation. iv slowly let things slip and slip and slip.. getting lazier and lazier.. more complacent and my weight loss has been crap and slow because of it, which doesnt help as its slower towards target anyways. But atleast you recognise this and you have us to help you :) and we won't charge! (much ;) ) haha.

Maybe you need somthing to look forward to. Somthing that u want to set urself a target for, so you have that rush of need to lose back. i find that is what pushes me. If i feel i need to lose it, then i try harder. . were as right now, im just like blah.. because im at home, jobless and bored with no event or happenings to help me get motivated. Do u have a wedding, birthday do, holiday etc etc.. or even a pair of jeans etc? think hard, dig deep and youl find that motivation to get u going.

Thats what i need to do, so lets do it together :) x


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Hey mumtums, have you thought of giving your consultant a call and telling her that you really needed the extra support the other night? Even a text or an email may be a good communication method for you and i think you should let her know how you feel.

On a side note - I've noticed quite a few people on here are disgruntled with their consultants. Do SW not have a feedback mechanism in place to ensure quality service is being delivered by all of their consultants?
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I e mailed a complaint about my consultant last Fri but still haven't recieved a reply, I though they were sh*t hot on things like this?


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Thanks guys, think I might start a diary too & u guys can poke me when i need it hehe!
I've set out my meals for tomorrow:

Breakfast - 2 x Weetabix & Milk (Hex A & B)
Lunch - Pasta 'n' Sauce
Tea - Homemade Cheese Burgers, Rustic Chips (150g) & Salad (Hex A & B, 1.5syns for chips)
Supper - Scrambled Eggs & Beans, 1 Toast (3 syns for bread)

For snacks i'll have fruit, mullerlight & then use my syns for a treat after my tea x