Using Cosmic Ordering to get the weight off...


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I just wanted to say that I used Cosmic Ordering to help me get through the cambridge diet, get a fab job, and have a fresh start in life... oh and the weight has stayed off! nearly 2 years at goal now - in Jan. I wrote an article on this a few weeks ago about how to keep your cash in these hard times:

I hope that this will help you stay focused on your goals in 2009... merry christmas... love bunny xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx
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Hi Bunny

I can't say that I believe in that kind of thing but I am glad it has helped you xx


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Hiya lovely x it works I ordered a newspaper on the train yesterday from the universe, and a nice man turned around and give me his paper! The other day some tooth picks and 10 mins later I walked past a cafe and outside sitting down was a couple with a bowl of toothpicks on their table! I have ordered a thin body (next day cambridge diet was on the TV. A new job in the movies, now I work for one of the largest movie producers, and a big house - which I rent at the mo. It does work. .... read about the secret as well:

The Secret :: Official Web Site of The Secret Movie :: Law of Attraction

Good book:

Cosmic Ordering Connection: Change Your Life Within Minutes!: Stephen Richards: Books


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Glad it's worked for you, oh & Noel Edmonds ( not weight issues for him obviously) I have tried it, all to no avail tho.