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Using hex's on meat/potato?

Does anyone else do green days and use a hexb on meat?
Or red days and use one on potato?

Is this ok to do all the time?
Or should it be extra easy or does it not matter if i do this all the time?
Sorry i dont have any info on it yet.

Also i know 113g tuna/chicken is a hexb, is it the same for any other meat?
And how much potato do you get for a hexb on red?
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yeah i have had a small backed potato on a red day (has to be with skin on mind!) and on green days i quite often have 2 slices bacon (all fat removed) or a little chicken, popped in with my pasta dishes. i always make sure on these days that my other hex b is 5 scan bran though just to make sure my fibre intake is high xx


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I use HeBs on new potoatoes all the time (well any day i'm doing a red day). I'll even have a jacket spud as HeB from time to time. No harm in doing it at all - been doing it for 17months now. My only gripe is that sometimes - 198g of new potatoes just seems like too much.

Can't tell you about the weight of meat on green days I'm afraid - i typically avoid meat on green (except on rare occassions) and substitute with quorn (it's just easier for me to do this).
so you get 198g potato on a red for a hexb?
Thank you x


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i used to do Red/Green mostly green tho and every day would use at least 1 Hexb for meat then I thought to myself I may as well do extra easy as I would still have 1 Hexb to us one either cereal bread or cereal bars and then not have to count my meat i took a look at what I was snacking on too and it was most of the time superfree or syns so it made sense tbh I cant see the point in using a Hexb on meat on green or potato on red you may as well just go EE just my opinion tho ;)

you just have to do what suits you :)
I wil do a mixture of both but mainly green as i am not a great meat eater and only usually have small amount of chicken/turkey or tuna if anything. And i would rather use my syns on meat then chocolate as eating treats etc is a habit i am trying to get out of :)
i just wanted to know if this was a 'legal' thing to do on a regular basis :)
Obviously on days when i have more meat i will probly do EE or Red, I just prefer the option of having 2 Hexs than just one as on EE but im going to give them all a go and see how i get on!
Bascily im just deciding what i am doing each day! ha
do you get 200g of potato?


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On a red day it's 198g of new potatoes or 225g baked potato. On a red day you have to eat the skin on the potato to have it as a heb (for the fibre)- so you could make it into wedges but leave the skin on.
I do mainly red days and i someitmes have HexB as potato or pasta with my meat. Today i am having lamb steaks, grilled, brocolli and potato from hexB, might have it baked or SW chips .If i do a green day i use HexB as salmon on my scrambled eggs yum.
I dont do EE as there are far too many carbs for me each day, i would never loose anything.


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I have mainly green days and do use my hex bs on meat The list of what you are allowed is quite long especially if wanting fish as well. i will list you the common ones.
All the following are cooked weights:
Beef steak 57gm
Extra lean mince 71gms
Lamb 57gm
Chicken 71gms
bacon 57gms
gammon 57 gms
Ham 85gms
Pork 57 gms
cod, haddock plaice 142gms
mackerel and salmon (fresh) 57gms
tuna tinned 113 gm
i hope that is ok for starters xx
Thats great thank you, i had down 85g of lean meat, raw.
Cooked weights is even better, thank you so so much!

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