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Using my syns

im only on day two, but im finding it hard to use my syns

yesterday i used 6 (drank tea, just so i could have the sugar to add a few syns)

and today im only at 3 syns? should i buy biscuits and choc just so i can add more to my syns, or not? i know they say between 5-15 syns, but what if i havent?
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well to be honest, i didnt eat through out the day very often and used to just have a huge meal in the evening, but like take aways, i would eat chocolate if we had it in the house, but seeing such high syn values put me off!


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Syns don't have to just be for things like chocolate. What are your favourite foods? And what meals are you having?

You could use them for more HEs eg more bread, cheese or what about stewed fruits or olive oil for cooking your meal. I use them for things like pesto, tomato puree, mayonnaise, creme fraiche because it tastes so much better than fromage frais. Instead of mullerlight or a syn free yoghurt you have the option to have something with more syns for a change. Avocado in a salad? Having a lasagne or spag bol then why not have some garlic bread.

There are lots of things you can spend your syns on!
i dont really feel like im missing out on anything at the mo,

i have so far had weetabix, milk and sugar (1syn) as breakfast, pasta, with superfree salad and extra light mayo (0.5 syn) and jacket pot, tuna sweetcorn n spring onion, again with mayo (1 syn) been eating fruit inbetween made a few syns by having a cup of tea with the rest of my milk and 2 syns for sugar (6 syn total)

today - weetabix milk and sugar again, pasta n sauce, and then fish chips and mushy peas, fruit in between again mullerlight cherry n choc so only at 3 syns for the day!

i feel very full so not craving anything? but i dont want it to have a detrimental affect on my weight loss!


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I was worried about that as well. I'm on day 3 and the first I only had 1/2 a syn and yesterday I had one...

..not because I'm feeling virtuous, I just didn't fancy anything else, despite all the chocolate in the fridge! (not like me! Maybe it's because I'm feeling yuck lol)

As long as it's for the 'not falling off the wagon' thing I'll carry on like this but if i need to be getting 5 at least per day I'd rather know now... I haven't had my first weigh in yet and I want to actually lose something this week hehe



Strutting her stuff
Choosing to not have any syns won't improve your weight loss. You're only talking a max of 300 calories a day or 2100 over a week, so not even enough to lose a pound. And many people actually find that their losses are slower if they don't have their syns.


Slowly Getting There ....
Hmmm it's just I'm worried about losing no weight since it's my first week and I'm sure I'm taking in sooo many calories from the free foods... have heard scare stories about people not losing on green so I'll be mortified if i don't lose any at all lol...

So I didn't want to force myself to eat extra stuff when I'm not hungry if you see what I mean?

...but I'll take one for the team and eat chocolate every day if that's what it takes lol
I usually find that the more you eat (free food) the more you lose, as it speeds up your metabolism and you're filling up on good stuff. I'm always on the green plan too and it works brilliantly. Get stuck in! :)
I bought a box of Fab Ice Lollies yesterday (as I had the same problem as you with finding syns to eat), I figured summers coming up and I wanted an ice cream. I love the skinny cow ones, but they can be a bit much at times... Fab's are only 4 syns
I also bought some optioon sachets for any mental chocolate cravings as they're only two syns... I'm too scared to eat a mars bar lol
I find it hard to use my syns as chocolate, crisps, etc don't do it for me.

I use mine on things like ketchup, salad cream (nice and high in syns and very satisfying!), mini milks (I keep these in the freezer and treat myself in the evenings), OLIVES!!, sweet chilli sauce, gravy, yorkshire puddings (mini Aunt Bessies ones are 1 syn!).

These are all nice accompaniments to your meal that zest it up and also bulk out your syns. I use 7 on average per day and my weight is coming off nice and steady.

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