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Valentines Schmalentines !

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For all you single people on Valentines day, lets just forget about all things Valentines - Roses, Chocolates, soppy songs, romantic candlelit evenings, etc etc etc


1. The toilet seat is always down
2. The remote control stays on your side of the couch permanently
3. Your house is tidy with no stray socks etc lying around
4. What you do is up to you and no body else
5. You can go out with the girls any time and not feel guilty
6. Your makeup can lay around the bathroom and no one will say anything
7. You'll not wake up to stubbly little hairs stuck to the sides of the bathroom sink
8. No one questions the cost of you having your hair done, nails done, new handbag, shoes, clothes etc

C'mon single girls, lets have some more reasons.........

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There is always toilet paper on the holder, as when you finish it you replace it! (I live with four males :rolleyes:)
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Heres my list

1.I have control of the TV remote
2.I can go and see my parents without drgging some long face with me
3.I can light candals without a moan about girlie smells
4.I don't have to keep legs hair free 100% of the time
5.I can talk to a man without having to reassure that I haven't slept with /want to sleep with
6.Don't have to put up with his mates

All this been said I hate being single,but I think thats cause all my mates are married with families and I feel I miss out on a bigger list!


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I know I'm married but the reasons I can think of;

eat what you want and when you want
have girly shower gels
have the whole bed to yourself.
no waking up cos someone snores.
no man pubes in the shower. yuk.


Likes being a girly girl
No beer and kebab smells around the house ;)

When we buy a new pair of shoes/handbag/top etc, nobody to tell us we already have 20+ and we didn't really 'need' them....(when we know we did!):D

Happy Thursday by the way! :cupid:

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