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Vanilla Shake tips?????????

Ok so im on week 11 now as of today haha madness! i tried a vanilla shake on my first day and absolutely hated it.

my pharmacy ran out of everything except vanilla shakes and flapjacks and i wasnt goin down the road of flapjacks again not a chance.

now as far as i know i shud be able to get my choc and strawberry shakes tomorrow but i had to get 3 vanilla to do til then.

I need tips on how to make it nicer i know it will prob taste nicer now as my tastebuds have changed but i dont want to have to hold my nose and drink it.

Any tips greatly appreciated. Im tinking of throwing some coffee in it for the morning i dont really like coffee but im hoping it mite make it a little nicer.
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Coffee, ice and a sweetner... reminds me of butterscotch angel delight I used to have when I was a kid!!
Thanks i was tinking bout whether it wud be weird to have cold coffee tink ill try that in the morning ill pass on the sweetner thou. everything is so sweet these days haha! mad how your taste buds change.
melt 3/4 sweetners a bit of coffee in hot water just enough to melt them.. add ice..blend with shake
or you could do yourself coffee and vanilla but hot thats lovely to


One last chance
Maybe have it as a mousse? I find that the taste is different when I have my shakes as a mousse. Use 50ml of water and then mix.
No tips sweetie, I just used to have them with loads of ice and freezing cold water.

Boo hoo at your chemist! That's not fair. They should have a plentiful supply at all times. Not good enough.

Hope you get on ok with them.

irish molly

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Anne marie, just put in a teaspoon of coffee and some ice and blend really well and it tastes like a frappacino. I have it for breakfast.

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