Veg weights for SS+

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I will shortly be starting SS+ with the meal and I know there is a lot of confusion with the 2 tablespoons of veg amount - it's just sooo ambiguous!!

Looking in my Cambridge book it says the meals are 200 calories of which the protein portion is around 150 calories, leaving around 50 cals for the veg, right?

I have therefore worked out what the weight of each veg would be raw to equal around 50 calories and thought it might be helpful to post it here too. All weights are in grams and are for the veg RAW:

asparagus: 250gr
broccoli: 140gr
cabbage: 200gr
cauliflower: 200gr
celery: 300gr
courgettes: 300gr
cucumber: 300gr
lettuce: 300gr
mushrooms: 200gr
spinach: 200gr

All portions of veg above contain around 10-11 grams of carbs apart from the mushrooms, spinach and lettuce which have around 7.5 grams.

The amounts seem like a lot but by the time you split out your allowance between, say, two different types of veg (e.g. 100gr cabbage and 100gr cauli) then the portion sizes don't seem so huge.

A word of warning - I had a look at the protein portions as well and according to the nutrition info on my packet of plain quorn mince a 200gram portion would be 190 calories not 150 as per the Cambridge don't overdo the veg - this is just a rough guide to make sure your idea of two tablespoons doesn't go over 50 calories :)
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Hey beautiful, how are you today?
I have spent the day looking at recipes,so I will take note to this post.
Decided I will be doing 810,1000 cal over christmas, as I have some products (cd) left and have run out of money,lol.

Serena A

Can't think of a title
S: 14st12lb C: 8st12lb G: 9st0lb BMI: 22.7 Loss: 6st0lb(40.38%)
Hi Penny, hope you find this helpful when you up the've done so incredibly well x