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  1. bexi100

    bexi100 Full Member

    I’ve decided to write a food and thoughts diary; to try to keep me focussed on the job at hand (weight loss). Hopefully it will take my mind off food when I’m feeling weak and uninspired. (Because let’s face it, that time will come).

    Right a little background info about me. My name’s Rebecca, I'm 35 years old, tried every diet going, and I’m fed up of being fat!! I’ve had success with weight watchers in the past but after having my daughter 10 months ago, I gained all the weight back, and some, so now weighing in at 14.6.

    I had my all-time final binge last night, which consisted of a tube of pringles and 5 galaxy roll cakes. (Obviously in secret away from hubby) and am feeling mega sick this morning. Why do I do it? Anyway it’s the final goodbye to the crap food and binging, and so I hereby commence operation slim and healthy. I’m going to count calories 1200 per day, with vegetables being unaccounted for.

    I promised myself I’d go for a walk around the park this morning as the weather has been beautiful all week. I look out the window this morning, and sod’s law, there’s torrential rain! Slight exaggeration, but it’s bad enough. I’m still going to brave it and go, just won’t take the baby or dog.

    Back from the walk in the rain. Decided to take the dog, and feeling good. Also did the Jillian Michaels 90 day revolution DVD phase 1.

    Food for the day
    2 cups of coffee 50kcals (still full from last night’s blowout)


    165g chicken breast 191kcals
    1 tortilla with salsa 150 kcals
    Salad 0 (not counting salad or veg kcals)
    Calories so far……391 kcals
    Will probably have something along the lines of salmon, veg and parsley sauce for dinner but not sure yet so will update later.


    165gs (raw weight) salmon 340 kcals
    6 asparagus spears
    Small portion of mashed squash
    Parsley sauce 50 kcals
    Strawberries 50 kcals
    Blueberries 30 kcals
    Activia yogurt 108 kcals

    Total calorie count, 969 think I’ll have a cup of tea which takes it to 1000 kcals for today. Although I don’t plan on going so low every day and bearing in mind I've had veg and salad I don’t count.
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  3. bexi100

    bexi100 Full Member

    Day 2 09/05/14

    I am feeling really positive and motivated today :). I've done my 30 mins exercise DVD (Jillian Micheal's) and have finished the house work. My daughter has just gone down for a nap, so I think we will go for a nice walk to the park after lunch. Lunch will be a chicken salad, with 2x ww bread. I've also only had 1 cup of coffee this morning, and usually would of been on my 4th or 5th cup. Think I'm going to chill with a herbal tea until my daughter wakes up. And will update on the diary later.
  4. bexi100

    bexi100 Full Member

    Well I’ve been on the go most of the day and went for my lunch time walk. I took my I pod nano so I could count the steps, and dusted off my polar heart rate monitor which I haven’t used in ages. I managed to walk 4000 steps and burn 300 calories which is great! However I found it really hard this afternoon food wise. I had such a battle to stick to plan, but I didn’t fold. I just hope it gets easier!

    I’ve not long had dinner which was chicken breast, vegetables and cous cous (yummy) and feeling quite satisfied. Evening time is when I usually find it most difficult to eat sensibly. When Hubby is at work, as he works nights, and my baby daughter is in bed, is usually the time when I do most of my binge eating. Between the hours of 7pm and 10pm are lethal for me. However this evening I’m feeling pretty good, and if I’m hungry later I’ll have some yogurt and strawberries as calorie count so far is 1050 (excluding veg).

    I’m thinking of maybe starting the couch 2 5k programme tomorrow, but we shall see. Anyhow I’m off to read some of the other weight loss diaries for inspiration.
  5. ella78

    ella78 Full Member

    Hi Bexi,

    Just here to subscribe!

    Start weight: 18.7
    Prep week: 17.13 (-8lbs)
    Week 1:
  6. bexi100

    bexi100 Full Member

    Thanks for subscribing Ella, I'm loving your diary. x
  7. bexi100

    bexi100 Full Member

    So it's day 4 for me. I didn't post yesterday as I felt absolutely crap. I suffer with acid reflux, and as I'm not eating as much, was in agony yesterday. So apparently weight loss will help ease my reflux, but if my stomach is empty it's worse then ever! a vicious circle. I'm hoping to retrain myself to stop eating when i'm satisfied! I'm one of those people who can't stand waste, and clears my plate even when I'm full. But from now on I'll serve much smaller portions, and If I can't eat it, it's going in the bin!

    Regardless of being in pain yesterday I still managed to stay on track :) so really proud of myself! I didn't exercise though. I'm feeling much better today so will do my JM DVD after updating my diary.

    I'm going on holiday to Cyprus in 4 weeks and although I'm not bikini ready (nowhere near). I would love to get 7-10lbs off before then, so I feel a bit better in my summer dresses. I have my first weigh in in 4 days time so I'm hoping I've lost something by then. I'm going to try and weigh just once a week so I don't disappointed by fluctuating results.

    Anyway bye for now. x
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  8. bexi100

    bexi100 Full Member

    Haven’t updated for a few days, stuck to plan religiously until yesterday and then had a piece of cake!! And quite a few rice cakes with hummus, taking my calorie count to 2000kcals for the day. Hoping it’s not going to do too much damage on the scales tomorrow! I have decided to up my daily calorie intake slightly, from 1200 to 1400, as I think it’s more realistic for me and I’m more likely to stay on track. I’ve come to the realisation that I’m in this for the long run. No quick fixes, starvation diets, they don’t work for me long term. So it’s just healthy eating (with the occasional treat) and exercise. Its hubby’s birthday on Saturday and I probably will have a little treat then, but I won’t exceed 1800 calories and will continue with exercise.

    I’m really feeling positive this time and I don’t care how long it takes I really want to get to goal. To get my health back and to be able to wear whatever I want, instead of jeans and baggie tops most of the time. Anyway will update tomorrow with weight loss results, here’s hoping for a good loss. x
  9. believer77

    believer77 Full Member


    You are doing really well. The occasional treat I don't think should be an issue. We can't stay away from treats forever :D
    Being positive is the best way forward.

    I also find counting steps etc is very motivating, but I am using the fitbit and its definately helping. I find myself just walking for the sake of getting to 10000 steps if its not too far off. I have also forced myself to start using the exercise bike (also known as clothes horse:D) Started off at 5 mins last wednesday to 30 minutes in one session today.

    good luck and i will be following your progress if it is ok :)
  10. bexi100

    bexi100 Full Member

    Thanks for subscribing believer77,

    And well done for doing all that exercise on the bike, in the matter of a week. You should be really proud of yourself. I definitely think that counting steps helps with exercise. I only count steps when I go out for a walk and managed to clock up 6200 today. I may leave my Nano on the whole day tomorrow and see my total steps for the day. I also managed to do a 30 mins toning DVD and resisted Chinese food, which is an absolute FIRST for me, as it’s one of my favourites!!! Hubby and his friend had it, while I had wholemeal pasta, king prawns, pesto and salad, it was delicious. So I’m really proud of myself, now I’ve just got to resist the evening munchies. X
  11. Zappacat

    Zappacat Full Member

    Hi I've just found this diary & wanted to say hello.
    I have to say I agree with believer77. The fitbit was possibly the most motivational things I've ever used. Especially when you tie it in with a friend (in my case my husband) & can compare the prev 7 days steps total. I made it my mission to beat him lol
  12. bexi100

    bexi100 Full Member

    lol at Zappacat sounds like a very fun way to exercise, although don't know if my hubby would be up for it ;)

    I've just done another 3800 steps on the treadmill taking my counted steps to 10,000. yippee! :happy036:
  13. believer77

    believer77 Full Member

    Well done on your progress. Every step takes us closer to goal.
  14. bexi100

    bexi100 Full Member

    Thanks believer77

    Just weighed in this morning and have lost 3 lbs. I'm well chuffed.:D
  15. believer77

    believer77 Full Member

    well done that is brilliant!
  16. x_intoxicate

    x_intoxicate Full Member

    Subscribing! We are around the same weight and we are doing the same thing now. :) how tall are you?

    OMG well done on the 3lb!!! Kick that weights ass!!! Xx
  17. bexi100

    bexi100 Full Member

    Thank you. What day do you weigh in believer77? x
  18. bexi100

    bexi100 Full Member

    I am 5ft6.5in how about you? How many calories are you having daily? We also have the same weigh in day. Good luck with WI I'm sure you'll smash it. x
  19. believer77

    believer77 Full Member

    Hi Bexi,

    my weigh in day is wednesday.
  20. x_intoxicate

    x_intoxicate Full Member

    I'm 5ft6 :) so very similar! Ooo that will be good! I don't think I follow anyone else on here that has the same weigh in as me! X
  21. bexi100

    bexi100 Full Member

    Good luck ladies with weigh in next week.

    I ate a few more calories then I would of liked yesterday in the form of cake, chicken burger and oven chips. Why do I feel the need to celebrate with food when I have a weight loss? Anyhow I'm back on track today and had about 1000 kcals. Might just leave it at that to compensate for yesterday, as I'd love a loss next week. Going to exercise after I've put the little one to bed, although I really don't feel like it. This weight loss malarkey can be so difficult as times.;) x
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