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Vegan protein shakes..... very restrictive diet - please help?


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S: 13st10lb C: 12st4lb G: 9st10lb BMI: 29.5 Loss: 1st6lb(10.42%)

I recently gave up all sugars and now want to go back to being vegan - i was a very bad vegan i binged on processed sweet treats, lived off them!

I'm wondering about warrior blend protein powder? with a other complete amino acid profile powder.

I have been using it instead of meat and fish and dairy, but have been having a bit of meat until i worked out what foods I need to make up the remaining protein.

I want to supplement all the amino acids - all the way to 100% every day because i find that I fart far too much on most of the vegan protein foods, but i think this drink is amazing.

Warrior blend 3 x a day plus fruits, nuts and veg seems to be fine for me but i need to know that I am supplementing 100%

Does anybody have some advice please?

This is what is in Warrior Blend:

alanine 691mg x 3 = 2073mg
arginine 1426mg x3 = 4278mg
Aspartic acid 1812mg x 3= 5436mg
Cystine 186mg x3 = 558mg cystine 336mg so tick
Glutamic Acid 2776mg x 3 = 8258 mg
Glycine 683mg x 3 = 2049mg
Histidine 401mg x 3 = 1203mg histidine 1148mg so tick
Isolucine 691mg x3 = 2073mg isolucine 1558mg so tick
Leucine 1382mg x3 = 4146mg leucine 3444mg so tick
Lycine 1434mg x 3 = 4303mg lycine 3116mg so tick
Methionine 158mg x 3 = 472mg methionine 853mg so only half 380mg needed 140mg from almonds still short 240mg
280 mg in 6 brazil nuts so tick

Phenylalanine 876mg x 3 = 2626mg phenylalanine 2706 mg so basically 80mg short 1064mg almonds so tick
Proline 918mg x 3 = 2754mg
Serine 861mg x 3 = 2583mg
Threonine 477 mg x 3 = 1403mg Threonine 1640mg so not quite 237mg short mg 568 from almonds so tick
Thyrosine 609 mg x 3 = 1827mg Thyrosine 2000mg so basically 173mg short 429 mg from almonds so tick
trytophan 128 mg 3x = 386mg Trytophan 410 mg close 34 mg short 203 mg from almonds so tick
Valine 758 mg x 3 = 2250+ valine 1968 so tick

Below - my recommendations at my current weight....

I looked up the ones listed together separately...

[TABLE="class: cms_table_table_layout, width: 546"]
[TD="class: cms_table_auto-style1"]Essential Amino Acid Requirements Analysis:

Based on the entries above:
Recommended Dietary Allowance (RDA): The average daily dietary essential amino acid intake level that is sufficient to meet the nutrient requirements of nearly all (97-98 percent) healthy individuals in your age and gender group is as follows:
histidine: 1148.0 mg.
isoleucine: 1558.0 mg.
leucine: 3444.0 mg.
lysine: 3116.0 mg.
methionine + cysteine: 1558.0 mg.
phenylalanine + tyrosine: 2706.0 mg.
threonine: 1640.0 mg.
threonine: 1640.0 mg.
tryptophan: 410.0 mg.
valine: 1968.0 mg.

Do you think it is okay to eat 6 brazils and 1 oz almonds and 3 x warrior blend supplement every day?

If I do this, i would still be able to have a varied diet, and very low in processed food, just eating veg and fruit and some grain, some soy mince, some tofu, some beans, just not have to obsess about muscle wastage....

What do you think?
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