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Extra Easy Vegetables? Yuk!

kerry b

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I know this is a dreadful thing for a grown adult (and mother/nanny) to say but I absolutely hate vegetables! I will eat raw carrot and salad veg and at a push peas and carrot if it's chopped really small or grated. I can only chop/grate so much carrot & it is too cold for salads so I am not getting my 1/3 superfree at every meal. Is it ok to have just fruit for the 1/3 with the odd bit of veg thrown into soup casseroles pasta sauce or is that a no-no? I have lost 13lbs in 8 weeks so it doesn't seem to have affected my weight loss (so far). I have tried eating more veg but in the end I tend to just pick around the veg or put my meal in the bin:sigh:. Help.
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Anything is ok but it would mean that you are not following the plan 100%. If it is working for you then carry on or switch to red or green days where you don't need 1/3 veg with your meals


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I dont eat veggies either so what I tend to do is make up a batch of soup with carrots, broccoli, tin of cannelini beans, onion, tin of chopped tomatoes, peas, celery, parsnip (any veg really) and stock and then blend it all up - I have no problems eating daily veg like this! - If I was to serve all that veg onto a plate with a meal, I wouldnt touch it with a bargepole!


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I sometimes struggle with this too, i have been using fruit instead of veg and it seems to be working. For example for breakfast today i had spaghetti hoops with bacon and a fried egg, it wouldn't have been very nice with a pile of carrots and peas etc. So before i had my breakfast i had a banana and a pear, when i cooked my breakfast i left 1/3 of my plate empty. this is how i compensate. Veg just doesn't work with every meal. Also if you put veg into a casserole or soup etc, as long as the veg is 1/3 of the ingredients you don't need to have 1/3 of your plate covered with extra veg aswell. hope that helps.
I can't get enough vegetables! I never used to eat them when I was a child, and my mother used to despair of me, but when I realised how they ought to be cooked (sorry, Mum, you were a wonderful mother but a dreadful cook!) then I started to like them.

I have a January King cabbage which I am going to shred and steam tomorrow and have with rice. I had some chicken with butternut squash and leeks cooked in the slow cooker yesterday. I have some fennel and button mushrooms which I am going to slice finely and have with the buttermilk dressing from the new SW book, with some hard-boiled eggs and tomatoes. I have just noticed an aubergine lurking in the vegetable basket - I am sure I had a reason for buying that! Oh yes, stuffed peppers with rice, aubergine, tomato and cheese.

The possibilities are endless.
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i'm the same hun don't like veg but i have slowly been adding veg into my meals and sometimes i find i like them.
the other day i had stir fry and i had to force each mouthful into my mouth i like it but its cause i knew it was veg and i was expecting not to like it.
i eat salad in this weather and lots of fruit

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