Vegetarian WW Points Recipes?

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    I'm trying to collect a bunch of satisfying WW Points recipes that are vegetarian (that is, no meat or fish, however it can have dairy and eggs). If they are vegan (i.e. no animal products whatsoever) that's even better!

    Do any of you have some recipes to share? I'm about to head on over to Gina's SkinnyTaste website to print out a few for future reference. I also found a wonderful WW cookbook for only $5 at a thrift store last week, and made a delicious vegetarian chilli that I have been enjoying the past few days (if anyone wants the recipe, let me know and I'll post it below). The only thing with that book is that it is Core points and not the Points Plus (didn't know that when I bought it). However, it still gives the fat/calorie/fiber/etc. nutrients, so you can calculate the proper new Points style yourself.

    Anyway, do post any recipes you like! I'm trying to look for "balanced" one pot meals that are higher in protein since I'm vegetarian, but any recipe will be appreciated. Thanks! :)
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    Just what I was going to ask :) great post ?
    At the moment I'm doing slimming world half hartedly because very little loss & I don't feel I'm getting enough motorvasion from my group
    How are you finding the plan ?? I really hope I can get to grips with it because I'm nearly 14st:-( the biggest I've been in years

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    This book is worth every penny I paid for it - it is WW Cooksmart Vegetarian Cookbook.- £5 cheaper on Amazon than book shops. (will not let me post the link)

    I also have the blue one - WW Meatfree book which is also good (not as good as the green one but ok).

    Although doing Calorie Counting and not WW the books are good as they have the info in Cals and WW Points
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  5. systema

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