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Veggie hot chocolate?


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Hiya, I've been having 'puter problems, so have hardly been online for weeks and weeks.

I'm wondering if anyone knows of a low syn, vegetarian alternative to options sachets? It just dawned on me that the whey in them mightn't be veggie, and, sure enough, their website confirms this. Grrr.

ANy ideas?
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Highlights are veggie friendly options are not- not sure about skinnycow is it made by the same people as laughing cow as they are not veggie.


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Laughing Cow EXTRA light ARE veggie, just not the light or normal (random, I know). Have tried the Skinny Cows, a while ago, and not keen on the taste. Didn't know ighlights were def. veggie, so will try them this weekend.

I don't drink them, I only cook with them, but I seem to use a couple a week.

Thanks all


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Hmmm - their website doesn't say that the extra light ones are veggie friendly - only one of their other products called Giggles. It says that the Laughing Cow cheese triangles cannot be guaranteed as vegetarian friendly at the moment. You'd think it would specifically mention the extra lights if they were different :confused:


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...sorry, I haven't been on for ages.

LCEXTRAL ARE veggie. Here's part of an email from the Quality Manager at Bel UK....

"Cheese is used to make The Laughing Cow Light. In order to give our product the taste and other quality we require, we have to use some cheeses, which are made with animal rennet. So the quantity of material from animal origin other than milk is extremely small, but technically The Laughing Cow Light is not suitable for vegetarians.

If you want to use a Laughing Cow product and still continue on your terrific weight loss results, you can use The Laughing Cow Extra Light. Although this is not mentioned on pack, this product is suitable for vegetarians, and contains only 3% fat.



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How about just making your hot choc with 1 tsp cocoa powder, HEA milk and sweetener?! Just 1/2 a syn for the whole thing.


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Would 1tsp of proper cocoa be enough? I do have some in a cupboard somewhere, as I used it foe Weetabix cake ages ago. Didn't turn out too well though!


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Arrgh! I had no idea Options weren't veggie?! :eek:
After some intrepid internet research I've also found out that loads of chocolate bars aren't either (Galaxy, Mars, Bounty, Celebrations, Maltesers, Milky Way,
Revels, Snickers, Topic and Twix)

It's a very sad day indeed.


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Horlicks Extra Light sachets are veggie friendly. I feed them to my Vegan friend when she pops round and she turns a blind eye to the small quantity of milk-product in them.

They are 2 syns each. :D


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Vixxster, are you sure about the syns in the Horlicks? I used them for about a month, and STS each week. I checked the syns in them, and I'm sure they were up about 9syns per sachet? I'm not vegan, only veggie, but I am always amused by self proclaimed vegetarians and vegans who 'turn a blind eye' to things! lol What on earth is the point?!

Esme....look on the bright side, they're all things you wont want to eat now anyway, thus ommiting any temptation! lol


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....aaahhhhh. Didn't realise there was 'light' AND 'extra light' Horlicks! Good to know, cheers! x


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EXTRA light, not LIGHT! The EXTRA LIGHT sachets have 40 calories, and the words 'suitable for Vegetarians' stamped on them.


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Gotcha x

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