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New in here :)

Discussion in 'Slimming World' started by CLR, 5 February 2014 Social URL.

  1. CLR

    CLR Member

    Afternoon, i started slimming world 3 weeks ago and have 1 1/2st of baby weight to lose, loving it so far and i've lost 5.5lb

    i'm finding it a bit harder being dairy and soya free so i'm hoping some on here may have experience of doing SW like this. I found the most gorgeous chocolate mousses made from coconut milk and they were nearly 13syns each :eek: 1 small bar or dark chocolate was 15 syns and all the lovely desserts i see or tweaks for pancakes etc contain dairy and i am unaware of an alternative i can use.

    I am attending meets and involved in their FB group but i found the consultant had no idea about other milk options as my healthy extra A choice and so hasn't been much help.

    I'm hoping to get some ideas about what has worked well for others, EE, Original, green etc, and find some tasty recipes as DH has moaned some are a little bland.

    My youngest is 3 months old and won't be put down for anything (even to sleep) so cooking is proving a little difficult but i've seen 3 loses so far and hoping if i stick with it i will see my goal.
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  3. i_am_plankton

    i_am_plankton Full Member


    I'm vegan and whilst I'm not soya-free, there are plenty of ways round :) I always do green days and the extra HE's you get are a bonus.

    I use Koko coconut milks (both the normal and chocolate ones for my HEAs) and Blue Diamond almond breeze unsweetened original sometimes.

    Egg replacers I use two products: no egg and Vegg (no egg is good as a baking replacement for volume and Vegg is great as an egg yolk type of replacer).

    Dairy-free cheese can be used as a HEB (some are soya free) - I mainly have things like porridge oats and WW wholemeal pitta breads

    I find that it's relatively easy to adapt things to be dairy-free - for puddings I tend to aim for things like low-calorie jelly pots such as Hartleys or something with dairy-free cream/custard (Oatly cream is soya free)

    Have a look through my food diary on the food diaries section for some ideas :)

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