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Vegitarian Low Carb Diet

oh great :) I love quorn sausages, fried in olive oil, with mayo..yum, still feel guilty eating things like that after SSing, but it's working!
The only thing I find tricky is getting the 60g protein a day, so if by the end of the day its low I just have some cheese and a couple of eggs. You only have just over a stone to go, it will be gone in no time!
Plus we can eat Xmas dinner hoooray! :)
I'm just sticking to the 14 day diet in the book. Seems REALLY tasty - I'm still REALLY dubious about eating all that fat. CD DEfinatley changed my eating habits though

Deb G

Silver Member
If you're talking about Rose Elliots, then yes - I've done it, and I'm using the principles to keep my weight off once LL has finished. I am a carb junkie, but once I got sorted on it I really enjoyed eating in such a different way. Just watch the carbs in some of the veggie products though - its not like having meat sausages/burgers as there are more carbs in them!

Good luck - I'll follow your progress with interest. The Mockeroni Cheese is to DIE for!!!!
Hi fellow veggies!

Atkins was useless for me for anything but maintaining a loss because I cannot eat meat, pork, fish or fowl.

You CAN low carb on veggie protein products, but I have been told that it can take a bit longer.

Good luck all!


Think I may join you. I've been SS but fell off the wagon about 10 days ago. I should be working up through the programs as 1 stone to go. I think the last stone can be the worse as you're already lost most of the weight and therefore get the 'why are you dieting' (must be mad) look all the time. I'm finding 790 tricky as its so limited for a veggie so will be buying by copy of 'Rose Elliot' tomorrow.

Tell me more?
I'm finding 790 tricky as its so limited for a veggie so will be buying by copy of 'Rose Elliot' tomorrow.

Tell me more?
Well There are 3 stages; induction, which is the lowest amount of carbs 20g per day.

Then maintenance, where you continue to add 5 grams of carbs per day for a week, then keep adding the carbs until weight loss stabilises at 2-3lbs per week.

Then maintenance where you keep adding in the carbs until you maintain your weight.
You can stay in induction as long as you want though, which is what I'm doing, as Im eating loads on 20g of carbs, and even struggling to eat the whole amount as I'm in ketosis and just not hungry.
I love it, Im eating yummy things and the weight loss is better than cambridge woo!

Its important to take a multivitamin, have 60 - 80grams protein a day, and have 5 portions of veg.

Great to see others doing this, well done Tiffers, 2lbs already ! :)

Deb G

Silver Member
You have to be VERY wary of the carbs in Quorn. In the induction phase I didn't have any quorn at all, just lived on eggs, cheese and spinach!!

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