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Very disapointed with 1st weeks weigh-in

Well in the first week I have lost absolutely nothing, not one measly lb :(

I have done the plan to the letter and I have eaten so much fruit and veg, and drank so much water, you could sink a ship.

Gutted isn't the word. I really feel like going to the chip shop and am sat here thinking, I may aswell eat the junk and cr*p I was having before. What is the point??

The only difference is I have been to a different class tonight but got weighed at the similar time last Tuesday :(

Please tell me this has happened to someone else before now, before I reach for the biscuit tin.
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Yes - it's happened before to people - sometimes the loss just takes a bit longer to show and you get a bigger loss the next week.

How many syns did you have each day?

B x
Hi, I had between 5-10 syns a day. TBH, I know its very easy to say, but I have stuck to the EE plan like glue. I have done it before and had success.

I have enjoyed everything I have eaten, haven't felt deprived, wee'd for England which is a good sign!! and generally feel a lot better (not sluggish) in myself so need to focus on these things rather than the negatives.

I don't think it has helped going to a different class tonight but it was due to circumstances. I will need to find myself a regular class that I can attend every week me thinks.


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Aww you must be gutted chin up though you may have a big loss next week and what you have eaten is much better for you than junk food


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I thought i was following the plan to the letter when i started as well, then my consultant suggested up my superfree. I had totally missed the point of superfree foods! Loads of people get it a bit wrong at first (eg using lean not extra lean mince), eating too much free & not enough superfree, or just not eating enough!
How about u post your food diary on here so we can have a looksee & check for you?


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This happened to my friend, do exactly what you did last week again and I almost garuntee you'll be pleaseantly suprised next week :)

Pudgy Panda

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This happened me when I first joined, but the next week I lost 4 which is big for me. The reason - I was too.anal and focussed on it once I relaxed it felt better


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I agree with kingleds about the eating too much free and not enough SF. My losses slowed right down last month even though I (mostly) stuck to plan and after feeling very disheartened I decided to take stock and get back to basics. So last week I really increased the amount of SF and cut back a bit on my portion sizes of carbs, I still had potatoes, rice, pasta etc but just a bit smaller portion and loads more veg and fruit. I also cut down on "naughty" syns and used my syns in my meals (gravy, mayo etc) and it seemed to have worked cos I lost more last week than I had lost in the whole of the previous month.


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I think it also has to do with what you ate in the week before you started SW,
Our bodies are not like cars where you can stop and hit reverse, sometimes it takes a week or so to get used to the new regime.
It will come off but you need to physically measure the 1/3 of your plate to make sure you know what it looks like, I didn't at the beginning and was shocked by how far short I was!
if you measure before you cook there's less chance of overeating.


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I echo Shirleen - the easy one to miss on EE is the 1/3 superfree on your plate at every meal.
To speed things up a bit try eating lots of superspeed fruits like melon and berries (strawberries, raspberries etc). This really helps me.
Good luck and stick with it - it will work.


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I know youre gutted but im guessing from how youve written your post you didnt put on so that is a positive. Youve also said you feel physically better in yourself so thats another reason to stick with it imo.

I would recommend putting a food diary up here and also getting your leader to look at your diary - you shouldve done one in your first week. Theres sooooo many things we can suggest but if we have your diary we can keep it specific to you xx


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If your following the plan, you will be fine, just stick with it , and good luck , x

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