Very embarrassing question.......


I have been on the diet for 9 days now (SS) and I have read that many people suffer from constipation.
Well, I have the opposite problem!!!! It is so bad, that I am scared to go out in case I have an accident!!!:eek:
It is really embarrassing and was wondering if I should take some Imodium....
Am I allergic to the diet?
Has anyone else experienced this problem?
Geraldine xxx
Yep that is what I used to get all the way through.

Try and drink more water and also split your packs as it could be the iron that is upsetting your tummy a bit.

i only had the problem once yesterday but i am taking 2 psyllium husks with each pack so maybe it was just a good clear out for me?!:eek: :eek:
Hi Geraldine, in my first week I suffered badly from this, and Mikes advice helped me, eee bah gum, seems like ages ago!!!

half a pack is 4 teaspoons, so say for a choc shake pop 4 teaspoons in a cup and then make as you normally would.

Mine settled down after about 8 days, I can remember day 7 and I such a problem, felt like if I stood up I would lose my top half out my bottom half!!!

I also think your body is getting so much nutrients that it hasnt had before and has a "clear out" of the bad, that was my take on it anyway!!!!

SHould settle down soon, if not have a word with your CDC as well x
dont tell anyone but my best la senza knickers got the better of this as well not really what you expect for having damp knickers (lol)
so yes I have had this problem as well
EEEWWWWWWW!!! LOL :eek: :D :p
I believe that psyllium husks can also help with this problem if you take them and just have your 'normal' amount of water (i.e not the extra usually recommended).
As it absorbs 20 times its own weight in fluid, it 'mops up' any excess in your bowels before expelling it (hey guys I'm trying to be as delicate as I can!! LOL)