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Very nearly.......

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Well im nearly through my 3rd week and this has been my first day off work for ages...... I have found it so hard, ive been grumpy tearfull and really angry with myself :cry:. I even went shopping to get some food in! and told every that was it, ive had enough!!!! (my boyfriend was great he kept reminding me how great I was looking and that I also felt low when i was struggling to get into any clothes) But once I got my paddy over and done with and got those tears out of the way, i relised that the only reason I wanted food was because every time im upset I use food to make me feel better and now i feel better and determined with out that blasted food stuff! ive just reminded myself that this is not for life and im back on track for a better me ;)
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Good for you hun! Thats a brilliant thing to realise it is very hard cause we are so used to eating wen we feel down etc. You are over such a huge hurdle and you should feel so proud of yourself.


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I had a day like that last week. I had a total strop and told my boyfriend I would rather starve than have my soup. He took it in his usual calm stride and reminded me why I was doing LT and that it was all worth it. I also popped on here and had a moan and was reassured I wasnt alone. Getting support on this diet is vital and I have found there to be more happy days than miserable ones. Glad you're back on track!!
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Well done Keriann!

Good for you sweetie for not bowing down to the evil food demons! I get angry all the time (I've a short fuse normally and don't suffer fools gladly) but since being on LT my fuse has got shorter! It's nearly burnt out!

Let all that frustration out and keep thinking about the upcoming new healthy, slim, gorgeous you. You're doing this for you and it will be the most rewarding thing you've ever done in your life. Keep at it, and keep strong.


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well done hun. i ad a moment like that an wanted 2 binge until my mum reminded me why im doin this diet.
keep up the good work it'll b worth it in the end wen u in lil biddy sizes. ;)
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It's great to know you can make your way through these things & stick to LT. Well done & keep it up!!



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Hang in there girl - we all have days like that and we are so much stronger for surviving them and not succumbing to the food.

Of course there may be a time when you might just succumb and if you do the trick is not to beat yourself up over it. You will feel guilty enough from having broken the diet and you won't need the extra feelings of being upset.

Now that you have come through this time of almost breaking you know that you can get through it again specially if you distract yourself, have a pamper session, drink some more water or have a hot coffee with sweetener - tastes sooooooo naughty after just water lol.

Keep up the good work and your time will soon fly by and you will be at goal before you know it. :D

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