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Very Simple Meal Ideas

Hi Everyone,

OH and I are renovating our kitchen so for the next month or so the photo below shows our kitchen. We have food in plastic boxes, an oven, microwave and a one ring gas camping stove plus very limited work surface.

Any ideas for some simple meals that require minimum preparation and cooking would be greatly appreciated and if they use 'staple' ingredients all the better as we're trying to run down what we have due to lack of space to store anything.

Thanks all :D
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Good luck! that looks a bit basic...

the oven gives you at least the jacket and beans option!

I would try and make use of the oven with "what was in the cupboard" hot pots or pasta bakes, and if you can afford to pay for pre-chopped veg mixes for a short while then be kind to yourself!

for proper recipes Hotpot recipes - Recipes - BBC Good Food

One-pot chicken & chickpea pilau recipe - Recipes - BBC Good Food is really good - a few more veg and perfect for EE

many are easily tweaked for SW, or could at least inspire you!

Frozen veg stew packs are from memory cheap as, and if you use them as a base for veggie soups or meaty stews you can save yourself some hassle

oh and you can use the oven for rice things too


Chicken biryani pilau recipe - Recipes - BBC Good Food - just put in mixed veg rather than peas..

just think you will have a new kitchen at the end of it....:)
We have the same problem. I've been using the slow cooker and veg steamer in my dining room! Will be worth it when the kitchen is finished, just think of all the cooking you can do then! :)
I know I can't wait, attempted to make a SW cake last night; it wasn't nice and on a 1/4 of a worktop wasn't worth it lol. Can't wait to get cooking in my new kitchen.
Good luck hon..sounds like you're having fun!!
I couldn't survive without mine! Great for chilli and casserole, anything really, cooks beautifully and you can put it on in the morning and it's ready when you finish work. Sometimes I put it on overnight with the next days lunch in. Got ours from Argos for £25 but you can get them in tesco for £15. :)
I was actually thinking of getting a slow cooker this week, would it be worth it do you think?

Yes!! Especially with what you are dealing with just now. You can make all kinds of soups and casseroles and then use your one ring to do pasta/rice or a potato in the microwave. You can get some excellent cheap ones. My OH smashed the crockpot bit of mine so I have a smaller replacement cost £12 so pretty thrifty all round. I'm off to bed now but if you get one I'll have some recipe ideas for you.
A slow cooker would be very handy, good for roasts and other things like jacket spuds as well as the usual curries, stews and bolognaise too.

With your cooker ring, soup would be fairly easy, and could use up some cupboard staples too.

I don't envy you, i like to spread myself out when i'm cooking! Although all the inconvenience will be worth it when the new kitchen is in- I bet you can't wait!
Well, I'm buying my slow cooker tonight, a 6.5 litre one and I'm very excited! Going to look for a recipe book too, but I think the first thing I do will be a whole chicken stuffed with fresh dill and lemon.
I love my slow cooker its so useful. I use it most weeks would be lost without it. Helps me as I work shifts so it saves me worrying about what im going to have for dinner. Ehen i finish a late shift its all ready and waiting for me :) x Hope all goes well with the new kitchen x
Thanks, I just want it done now. Can't wait to use the slow cooker this weekend, got a nice book too with some great recipes in there that are pretty SW friendly or can easily be adapted.

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