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Very Slow Weight Loss


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Hi All,

After having spent a really good week resisting temptation, cooking a roast for my family, apple tart, custard and all the Lindt chocolate eggs floating around our house, I have lost the grand total of 1lb this week! This is very dissapointing as I only lost 1.5lbs last week, so was expecting a better loss this week.

I've only been doing CD for 2 weeks and really thought that I would be losing much more weight. I was doing Lipotrim for 3 weeks and lost:

Week 1 - 8lbs LT
Week 2 - 7lbs LT
Week 3 - 2.5 LT TOTM
Week 4 - 1.5lb CD
Week 5 - 1lb CD

A few people have mentioned that it could be water retention, but should I really be suffering from this if I have upped my water intake? The past week I have drunk more water than in previous weeks and I tested myself this morning and am in the 'medium' ketosis.

I have around 5 stones to lose and am getting quite down about the low weight loss as it will take me forever to lose the weight at this rate.

Does the CD work for everyone, or are some people just not suited to it? I would of thought with the very low calories that I am consuming, it would be impossible to lose such a small amount.

Any thoughts would be really appreciated.

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Thanks dancing,

No there hasn't bee any major change in my clothes or measurement. I wouldn't mind if this was the case, but no change there either.

Really can't understand why the scales are stuck, even started wondering if my scales are working (which of course they are) LOL!

Just looking at my children's easter eggs and keep thinking - "oh sod it!", but keep telling myself to give it 1 more week.

Louale x
S: 14st1lb C: 8st10lb BMI: 23 Loss: 5st5lb(38.07%)
Hi Louale

Can't explain it I'm afraid but what I would say is that it is impossible not to lose weight on a VLCD due to the very low calories, it takes something silly like 1500 calories just to sit and do nothing all day so you will be burning fat, for some reason it just isn't showing on the scales at the moment. Obvious culprits could be water retention as you mentioned or a touch of constipation maybe? When they do move I am sure it will be a big one so hang in there hun.



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Thanks Porgeous,

OMG, I never thought about constipation, I've just read your post and realised that I think I've been to the loo twice since doing the CD. I never went for 6 days, then when I ate the bars it seemed to move things along, but run out of them and not been since - sorry maybe TMI lol! Don't seem to be in any pain, so not really thought about the fact I wasn't going to the loo, could this be the reason?

What can I take? I have something called Dulcolax or something like that, would this be OK? Is there anything that I can do/take for water retention? and how do I know if I am retaining water?

Sorry for all the questions, but I need to see that needle move on the scales.

Louale x


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Hey Time4me,

Will be interesting to see how you get on with the increase in water.

When I was doing Lipotrim, I have to be honest and say that I hardly drank any water, not even 2 pints (which I know is really bad), but I lost 8lbs the first week and 7lbs then second week, however since I've been drininking a minumum of 4 pints, I've hardly lost any weight - weird!

Good luck with the water.

S: 19st8lb C: 11st5lb Loss: 8st3lb(41.97%)
No idea why you have not lost much over the last couple of weeks,but do stick at it,as the weight will come off.If you look at my losses I've had some fabulous losses and then small ones.I think sometimes our bodies play funny tricks on us(That aren't amusing)
I don't know much about the diet you were on previously,but perhaps your body is just adjusting

Good Luck and stay positive

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